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Danial Ortega Win Presidential Election.

Posted by QB on November 8, 2006

Daniel Ortega win the Presidential election in Nicaragua with 38 percent vote compared to 29 percent for his nearest rival, Eduardo Montealegre, who conceded defeat. President Jimmy Carter was monitoring Nicaragua elections and there is no statement from him on any irregularities which means the elections were fair. President Jimmy Carter defened Nicaragua elections.

Managua, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Former US President James Carter has rejected in this capital criticism by an observer mission headed by his country s Ambassador to Nicaragua Paul Trivelli, questioning the Nicaraguan elections accountability.

“I spoke to the State Secretary Condoleezza Rice, who has a higher ranking than the local officials, and she did not have objections (to the electoral process),” Carter asserted in a press conference Tuesday at a Managua hotel.

The ex-president asserted that “there are no doubts regarding the elections integrity.”

He also recalled that the communique by the Trivelli group was issued on Sunday, before the voting concluded.

The US embassy had few observers, while the OAS, the European Union, and the Carter Center sent around 700 experts, the ex president said.

All the international and national observing organizations coincided in highlighting the Nicaraguan electoral process accountability.

Carter Defends Nicaragua Elections

Ortega promised to elemiminate proverty and encourage private investments. Hugo Chavez congratulated Ortega on his victory. Fidel Casro also send congratulations message in read of Cuban television. Bush regime who openly backed Ortega rival is finding it difficult to accept the results. The State Department said that they want good reletionship with Nicaragua but it all depends on Ortega policies. Some U.S. lawmakers have warned that a victory by Mr. Ortega would damage relations with Washington. President Jimmy Carter meet with Ortega and urged him to have good relations with Washington.

Ortega might not be able to have good relations with Bush regime all he has to do like Hugo Chavez to wait for next US President who I am sure have brains in his head instead of Bible to have good relationships with Washington.


2 Responses to “Danial Ortega Win Presidential Election.”

  1. Samir Qumsieh said

    I need his contacts: Tel. fax. email please

  2. Samir I really don’t have Ortega contact you can try to find it out yourself by searching Nicaragua government website.

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