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US Midterm Elections.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2006

Today Americans will vote for their midterm election which will determine who will control the Senate and House of Representatives. The polls showing Democrats have clear lead but that does not mean that they will take back Senate and House of Representatives. There are plenty of factors which may change the results which includes the E Voting machines, GOP lying on all issues, GOP playing social and religious cards, terrorism, war on terror, scaring voters that Democrats will cut the funding for US troops in Iraq, Nancy Pelosi will become the Speaker of the House and Charlie Rangel will raise taxes. These questions will be on the minds of red state voters when they cast their vote. The problem is that majority of the American voters are most ignorant and uninformed who believe in everything what they listen and see on their television screens. Keeping this in mind they will again vote Republican because they believe Bush has make US safe and is tough on war on terrorism and the other factor will be he good Christians.

The problem with Democrats is that they are very successfully described as weak and soft when it comes to defending US by lies and they don’t have the courage to fight back against these false allegations. The Democrats mostly send the wrong candidates to represent them in Congress one good this election example is Joe Lieberman as an independent who is running far ahead of Ned Lamont Democrats candidate. The Connecticut Liberals are supporting the wrong candidate Joe Lieberman just like when they pick up John Kerry as their presidential candidate in 2004. Joe Lieberman is egocentric who rejected the will of people who choose Ned Lamont by running as independent which is clear rebellion against his own party disrespecting the choice of people for his big ego. Democrats are losers who believe that Joe Lieberman will go to Senate and work for the benefit of his constituency because he really does not have any ethics and the chances are that he will become Republican if both parties tie in Senate for Chairmanship of some strong committee.

There will be no change towards Iraq and Afghanistan no matter who control the both houses of Congress. The situation in Iraq will not improve with Democrats majority and they can’t cut the funding for the troops in Iraq because this will cause a furry among the Americans as this will be seen as not support the troops. Democrats can’t change the course in Iraq as long as Bush is in power. The Iraq occupation will continue even after Bush leave office in 2008 because Democrat elected President will be under pressure not to withdraw US occupation troops from Iraq and get the blame for defeat and cut and run, any Republican President after Bush will keep the troops in Iraq and if by any chance John McCain get elected than he will increase the number of US troops in Iraq. The increase in US occupation troops will result in more US soldiers deaths and it will not stabilise Iraq.

The Democrat proposal of dividing Iraq into three independent regions will be a disaster for the region. Turkey Iran and Syria will not tolerate any independent Kurds state in Iraq because of their own problem with the Kurds.

The real change in US politics will come when they have more options of selection instead of Republicans or Democrats who are big corporations pets. There are so many good honest politicians who can create a third party and give voters an alternative choice. The third party leadership has to be from among the common people of the country who cares about improving the conditions of working poor class. The Americans are electing the rich and powerful from last 200 years who actually are protecting their own class. The ruling class has to go in favor of common people and this is the only way to bring change to US politics.


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