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US interference in Nicaragua elections.

Posted by QB on November 5, 2006

Today is Nicaragua Presidential elections and US try to interfere in their elections because they are trying to block Daniel Ortega who has a clear lead in polls because of he is more socialists like Hugo Chavez. The champions of democracy really don’t believe in real democracy with interfering in elections all over the world. Russia has strongly criticise US interference in Nicaragua elections.

Russia condemns U.S. interference in Nicaragua elections.

They don’t want another socialist in Latin American country but these socialists are becoming popular with the time. The Bush regime also blame Hugo Chavez for the growing popularity of these socialists and Ortega is no exception they use all sorts of propaganda against him. Ortega winning this election will be another blow for Bush regime.


2 Responses to “US interference in Nicaragua elections.”

  1. unitedcats said

    If this is true, it’s insane. US attempts to influence elections in numerous countries recently have backfired horribly. Being seen as a pawn of the US is a death knell in any local election. Recent brain dead US interference helped propel Hamas in Palestine, The Islamic Courts in Somalia, and the current president of Iran into power. Hand picked and backed USA candidates in the last Iraqi election got less than 5% of the vote. Yet Bush keeps throwing buckets of money into foreign elections, apparently oblivious to the fact that this sort of crap don’t fly no more. Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results, pretty much sums up the last 6 years of Bushcos policies. Maybe that’s what “stay the course” really meant?


  2. I agree with your comments Doug but US also get success where population believe in US propaganda because their ignorance. The recent success US got was in Ecuador and now Correa really don’t have any chance of winning in second round of eletions. US was also successful in Russia’s neighboring countries.

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