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Iran – Diplomacy in Middle East – War Games.

Posted by QB on November 5, 2006

The latest on US desperate attempts for UN Security Council resolution is strongly opposed by Russia and China and they wanted the military option wording out of this resolution which is agreed now by Britain Germany and France. Russia and China have no confidence in Bush regime will use it to justify military action just like Iraq. It must be very frustrating for Bush regime that they are not getting tough resolution against Iran which is due to good economic and diplomatic relations with Russia and China.

Iran now is trying to improve its diplomatic and economic relations with Pakistan by offering cheap electricity. Pakistan Prime Minister assured Iranian delegation that they will never support military action against Iran.

Iran Ambassador to Lebanon met with Lebanon military commander General Michele Soleyman expressed Iran’s readiness to equip Lebanese army with advanced aerial defence. This is another good diplomatic move by Iran’s government which will help them to gain the confidence of Arabs.

Iran continue to show off its latest military arsenal by using new anti helicopters weapons with the bullets which they claim can penetrate into most advanced bullet proof vests. Iranian government know that US and UK are not in a position to take any military action so they are becoming more confident and bold.

Bush regime has lost its all trust and credibility because of their lies. The Russia and China has the responsibility to block any such resolution which leads to another war for two more years until this mentally sick person leave White House.


2 Responses to “Iran – Diplomacy in Middle East – War Games.”

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