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Iraq – The work of art in progress.

Posted by QB on November 4, 2006

The Iraq is the main problem for Bush regime to hold on to their majority in Senate and House of Representatives and they have used all sorts of spins but yesterday Major General William Caldwell calling Iraq “work of art in progress” might become the new “phrase” for midterm elections.

“Every great work of art goes through messy phases while it is in transition. A lump of clay can become a sculpture. Blobs of paint become paintings which inspire,” Caldwell told journalists in Baghdad’s fortified green zone.

“The final test of our efforts will not be the isolated incidents that you report daily, but the country that the Iraqis build,” he added.

The Iraq is sure the “work of abstract art” since the US invasion and occupation. The final test will be when US troops withdraw from Iraq just like they did in Vietnam.

The US military reported seven more soldiers killed in Iraq with 83 Iraqi died in last two days. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants Bush to set timetable for US troops withdrawal. Iraq is in chaos and complete mess with the growing rift between US occupation military and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki who is trying to show Iraqis that he is in-charge of the government and is no puppet to US occupation military.

The midterm elections with three days to go are getting heated with nasty attacks from both sides with Democrats ahead in all polls. This does not mean that they will get the control of Senate and House of Representatives because there are many more factors like religion, electronic machines, social values, family values could change the results in favor of Republicans.

Jack Cafferty reported this on situation room about the polling in Britain Mexico and Canada has the most unfavorable opinion about Bush.

In Britain, Osama bin Laden is seen as the most dangerous leader. I will give Bush the most dangerous leader because he had WMD.
Who’s in second place?

President George W. Bush, followed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, along a Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That’s quite a group.

When asked if American policy has made the world a more dangerous place, 69 percent of the people in Britain said yes, as do 62 percent of Canadians and 57 percent of Mexicans.

And what do they think about the U.S. war in Iraq?

Eighty-nine percent of Mexicans say the invasion was unjustified, along with 73 percent of Canadians and 71 percent of Britons.


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