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Priest burns himself to death over Islam.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

This is interesting news and funny news atleast to me that these religious idiots who have study the religion and are more ignorant than me who had no religious education at all. These idiots have not understand the essense of all religion and they certainly have no proper concept of religion or God.

Priest burns himself to death over Islam.

This one has set the example for Pat Robertson, Hagee, Jerry Falwell to follow in Christianity. Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri wih Ayatollah Sistani from Sunni Shias Islam to do the same. All the Rabbis who believe killing innocent can do the same as this priest this certainly will bring some relief to the religious hatred.


3 Responses to “Priest burns himself to death over Islam.”

  1. unitedcats said

    Sadly this man’s death is a result of anti-Muslim propaganda. The idea that Muslims are “taking over the world” has been a Militant Christian rallying cry since the first crusades. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now, but any lie repeated long enough will be believed by many. God rest hs soul.


  2. Doug,

    This man must be mentally sick. I really don’t understand Christians try to covert as many as they can and Sunni Shia do the same try to do the same. They don’t understand that God has the power to make us all of one religion but he did not did that which means that there always will be people of different faiths and all we have to do is let them practise what they believe is right.

    Nice to see you again now I will check what you have, was so busy did not get a chance to look what you are writing about.

  3. unitedcats said

    Heck, the Mormons are not only out to convert the entire world, they are out to do it retroactively as well! When someone converts to the LDS all of their ancestors are converted as well! Fortunately all the Mormons I have met were decent folks who weren’t planning on converting anyone aganst their will. Same goes for every Muslim I have ever met, this idiocy that the Jews/Muslims/whatever are plotting to take over the world would be laughable if it wasn’t such an incitement to violence.


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