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Pakistan Situation After School Attack.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

There is rising tensions and anger building up between government and the tribal areas after Pakistan missiles attack on school killing 80 young students. This attack has angered the tribal elders and the militias that the peace deal earlier signed by Pervez Musharraf has become dead. The tribal elders has lost the confidence that Pervez Musharraf want the peace between Federal Government and Tribal Areas.

Thousands of tribesmen, many supporters of al-Qaida and the ousted Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan, are threatening to stage a wave of suicide attacks on Pakistani forces in retaliation for Monday’s air raid.

They also warn they will kill anyone found spying for the Pakistani and U.S. governments. The first such victim found shot dead execution-style by militants in a dry river bed near the targeted school turned up Thursday. The suicide bomber killed two police man when his bomb went off prematurely outside the police station.

Bajur tribal elders are refusing any negotiations until Pakistan Government provide assurance that this kind of attack will not happen in the future. Pervez Musharraf government is reluctant to give any such promise because of the pressure from Bush regime to keep this war on terror alive by killing innocent children and women.

The North Waziristan accord had led many people to believe Pakistan’s army was ending its combative approach to militants in the tribal belt, a fiercely independent region where many have ethnic ties with Afghanistan’s Taliban fighters and share a hatred of the U.S. and the government’s alliance with Washington

Coming after years of conflict that killed hundreds of soldiers, militants and civilians in the semi autonomous region, the deal called for militants to end attacks on Pakistani forces, stop going into Afghanistan to attack U.S. and NATO troops and halt the “Talibanization” of the area. In return, militants, including foreigners, could live freely in North Waziristan.

Following Monday’s airstrike, doubts are now growing throughout the tribal belt home to more than 3 million people about prospects for peace with the government.

“It will be very difficult for the government to make peace deals in other tribal regions in the future, if in the morning you talk about peace and in the evening you kill people,” said Sadique Ullah, a senior cleric and tribal leader in North Waziristan.

The situation will get worst both in Pakistan and Afghanistan because Talibans are getting stronger and they will fight on both fronts at the same time but Pervez Musharraf will be ultimate loser if the majority of the people vote for the religious political parties in next year elections. The religious political parties will withdraw all their support on Bush war on terror and both countries relations will once again become tense.


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