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Iraq – Bush’s war.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

The news from Iraq are not very encouraging for Bush regime because they were expecting the violence will go down after month of Ramadan. There was a bomb attack in Sadr City when motorcycle blew up in a crowded market killing 7 people and 45 people reported wounded. There were 49 bodies found in Baghdad which is now become a routine with the growing sectarian violence.

The US military still searching for Iraqi American missing soldier without any success and they blame Muqtada Al Sadr who very strongly deny this accusation. This is the start of November and the reported US soldiers killed in Iraq is seven in three days.

Democrats are promising to change the policy in Iraq if they get the control of Senate and House of Representatives but this is only a election slogan because they really can’t do anything except to pack their bags and leave Iraq. There is no other way out of Iraq for US occupation military. Bush who is shouting like mad person during the speeches that he had plan for Iraq victory is again not telling the truth or to rephrase it in other way that he really is mentally sick person who does not have the ability to grasp the real situation. The violence will continue as long as the US occupation is in Iraq with religious conservatives trying to project Iraq mess as their greatest achievement with all sorts of stupid spinning. According to CNN John Roberts report 14 US soldiers died in last three days of this month.

Bush regime had lost the war when they invaded Iraq by lying. Time to cut financial and human loss and withdraw now instead of waiting for few more years.

The following news is another sign of Iraqi Resistance getting better by each day passed.

A major Iraqi insurgent group claimed Friday to have successfully built and tested a rocket with a range of 20 kilometers, naming it after a 14-year-old Iraqi girl allegedly raped and killed by a US soldier.

In video footage posted online, the Islamic Army in Iraq said the “Abeer” rocket carried a payload of 20 kilograms of explosives – enough to level a house.

“We called it ‘Abeer’ to remind the Islamic nation of the wounds of our sister … whose virginity was violated by the worshippers of the cross,” the Islamic Army, said in a statement posted together with the footage on a Web site frequently used by insurgent groups to publish announcements.

“Worshippers of the cross” was an apparent reference to Christians.

The nearly seven-minute video shows two masked men in blue overalls assembling and welding the rocket inside what looks like a machinery shop. It was unclear who shot the footage, first posted on Wednesday, or when.
Iraq: Insurgent group unveils new rocket.


2 Responses to “Iraq – Bush’s war.”

  1. SHUKRI.OMAR said

    What is the meaning of fighting?
    because what bush is doing is just rude to my religion!!!!!!
    ISLAM AND MUSLIM AND PROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand your question asking the meaning of fighting? I believe you did not read the post carefully that you posted your comments on your assumptions that I am support Bush’s war in Iraq. Read it again carefully.

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