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Hugo Chavez election update.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

The Venezuela Oil workers announced their support to reelect Hugo Chavez in December elections.. The Bush regime try to fund his opponent financially and with false propaganda to defeat Hugo Chavez but all their efforts are wasted because Venezuelans are smart enough to know that it is in their best interest to reelect him for the next term.

The US are too much worried that they are losing allies in South America as they are turning to leftist socialists candidates with Bolivia Evo Morales and Luis Inácio Lula da Silva winning in Brazil with clear majority. The Argentina President Nestor Kirchner is another leftist head of State with very good diplomatic and economic relations with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

This month second round will be important for Rafael Correa of Ecuador will be pleasant surprise if he get elected. The Ecuadorians must realize that his opponent Alvaro Noboa billionaire will protect the rich powerful and connected people instead of introducing policies to protect the wealth and power within their own circle. The poor people must realize the corrupt career politicians who are ruling their country had done nothing for them and they have nothing to lose by electing Correa. This is about time when poor people of the world must take over power by rejecting the corrupt politicians.

The US wants the corrupt politicians to be in power not only in South America but all around the world who endorsed all White House oppressive policies and let the US Corporations keep steeling the natural resources of these countries.

I believe Hugo Chavez socialist revolution is spreading rapidly and the dream of Che Guevara will become reality soon with all the South American rejecting the rich corrupt politicians.


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