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US Midterm Elections.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2006

There are so much interesting political going on with midterm elections only six days away and unfortunately I don’t have much time to sit down and write it down. The CNN make John Kerry joke about Bush with calling him unintelligent and uneducated stupid their main coverage of all their prime time news. Bush including the people who believe that Kerry refer to the troops are really idiots stupids and and brainless. That joke was aimed at Bush stupidity lack of intelligence lack of knowledge not the troops. The people who are angry and misunderstood the joke are the vast majority of the American voters and they will keep electing idiots like Bush. John Kerry apologize for his bad joke but Dick will not let this go away so easily he will be talking about this joke over and over again with his own interpretation that Kerry insulted the troops.

The Democrats see a similar opportunity when Boehner House Majority Leader defended Rumsfeld and blame Iraq failure on Military Commanders on the ground in Iraq. The Democrats fired back immediately asking for Boehner to apologize. I am sure this too will become the heated topic for couple of days. The truth is that Bush Dick Rumsfeld as well as all the Generals who did not raise any objection to the number of troops are are responsible for Iraq’s mess. There was only one General who speak the truth that Iraq invasion require atleast 300,000 US troops was forced to resign and take early retirement.

The Bush regime is using all its scare tactics to keep their majority in Senate and Congress by creating false fears of tax increases, security, their stupid war on terror and Iraq. Bush are telling the voters that the Congress and Senate will be in the hands of Nancy Polosi and Charlie Rangel who wants US to cut and run from Iraq and who will raise American taxes. Nancy Polosi and Charlie Rangel denied these accusations but their message will not get through the dumb heads of misinformed illiterate ignorant voter and the chances are that Republicans will pull this election in their favor.

Democrats if don’t get the control of both Senate and Congress than the only option for Liberal Americans is to form third party with new faces who do not fear to speak the the truth. This is the only way to get back the US back on to its track.


One Response to “US Midterm Elections.”

  1. mark day said

    At the end of the day, John Kerry is no Stephen Colbert. So maybe he should just leave the comedy to the experts…


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