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Iran Sanctions draft rejected by Russia.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2006

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that a European draft resolution imposing sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear program would isolate Iran.

“We cannot support those measures which in fact aim to isolate Iran from the outside world, including the isolation of the people who are charged with leading negotiations on the nuclear program,” the Interfax news agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

The resolution draft was tabled by Britain France and Germany which seeks to punish Iran for its defiance of a UN demand it halt uranium enrichment activities.

The United States is seeking to impose sanctions on Iran through the UN Security Council on the grounds that Tehran is developing a nuclear-weapons program under the garb of a civilian-use program. Iran, however, says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Lavrov said last month that Russia will oppose any attempts to use the UN Security Council to punish Iran for its nuclear program.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a telephone conversation on Monday that Moscow favored further talks on Iran’s nuclear program.

Tehran has said it wants talks with the major nations, but will not suspend its nuclear work as a prerequisite.

The Russian stand on the issue will make it impossible to pass any sanctions resolution on Iran and this will be bitter defeat for Bush regime in UN. Iran really had no fear of sanctions or any US invasion because they know that they are helpless to take any actions. The Iranian response is very clear from the begining that they will not stop their peaceful uranium enrichment program.


4 Responses to “Iran Sanctions draft rejected by Russia.”

  1. spion said

    Is this original content or are you borrowing it? If you are borrowing it, why are you not providing links to the original source or at least citing it? I find it difficult to believe you are writing anything original here…

  2. Thank you for your comments. This actually is the news with last paragraph my own opionion. The news was taken from various sources. I take the news and do my analysis on that news.

  3. spion said

    so then how do you acknowledge those words that are not yours? did you not learn in grade school not to plagerize?

  4. Spion

    Read the heading of my blog. Its my own analysis of news politics and religions. I did not write the Bible or Qur’an and just quote them my opinion.

    You don’t have to come here and read the news and my analysis. Just don’t visit. I will keep writing it my own way of bringing the news with my own analysis.

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