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Pakistan madrassah attack.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2006

The reaction to Pakistan missiles attack on madrassah where they killed 80 very young boys is what was expected. There were demonstrations in the tribal areas as well as in Peshawar. The New York Human Rights Watch group wants Pakistan to allow an independent inquiry into Monday’s bombing of an Islamic school. The Human Rights New York based organisation said the death toll was so high that the government had to provide a “credible” justification for the raid.

This was the most stupid move by Pervez Musharraf to provide support to his master Bush for the midterm elections. The survivor who talked to the journalists are all teenagers and the ones who killed in this brutal inhumane strike must be all teenagers. The reported age of students killed as young as seven years old.

The Pakistani government says the school was used by militants as a training camp and that no civilians died in the attack, carried out by helicopters. However the claim was challenged by two of the three who survived the attack. Said Wali, 18, told the BBC the school had no links with militants and that some students who died were young as seven. “We were busy preparing for morning prayers when the place was bombed,” he said.

Another survivor, Abu Bakar, 22, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that there was no militant training at the school. The third survivor, Noor Rehman, 16, cannot speak because his face is badly burnt.

Pervez Musharraf is too weak to bow down on Bush regimes pressure and it look like his time is over because this attack will cause more anger against his government.


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