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Hugo Chavez getting on Bush regime nerves.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2006

I watched this news story on white supremecy racist Lou Dobbs that Venezuela President Hugo Chavez is trying to steel the US midterm elections with electronic machines voting. Lou Dobbs reported that a small software company with ties to the Venezuelan government — Smartmatic Corp. — owns a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems. The company denies that the administration of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has any role in its operations.

These voting machines infact favored Bush regime in last two elections with no paper trail with Diebold CEO statement on record that he will do anything for Bush to get reelected. Lou Dobbs did not report this because he is no a fair honest journalist. Lou Dobbs air this report just weeks before midterm elections to cause controversy.

I really don’t have any means to confirm this report authenticity but Lou Dobbs record is more than enough for me to make up my mind that this report is not true.

The oher news Hugo Chavez is will win December elections with huge majority. The opposition started playing dirty politics where they are thinking of withdrawing from the Presidential race to aviod the defeat and than start questioning the legitamacy of the elections.


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