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Iraq – US Military Occupation in awkward situation.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2006

The US occupation military is in very awkward position which will make the situation in Iraq more worst what it is in recent past few months. The US occupation military with the Iraqi Security Forces who are searching for one missing US soldier are gettig involved in direct conflict with Muqtada Al Sadr Mahdi Army. The Iraqi Security Forces had arrested 10 suspects from Shia neighborhood which lead them raid a mosque. This already had resulted in demonstrations Shias in Sadr City in Baghdad and the interesting part of the story is puppet Prime Minister had issued the statement that he did not had the prior knowledge of any raid in Sard City and showed anger against the raid.

Speaking at a press conference in Baghdad yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki denied prior knowledge of the Sadr City raid, which the U.S. military said was authorized by the Iraqi government.

“This was a pre-approved target with the government of Iraq, notification was made, but it’s apparent that it didn’t make it to the Prime Minister,” Caldwell said. “We will go back and review our security procedures.”

Malaki denial is political to keep the support of Mahdi Army support and sure he did had the prior information regarding the raid. Malaki is trying to sail in two boats at the same time. Malaki is giving approval to all US occupation actions because he is under tremendous pressure from Bush to improve the security situation in Iraq and on the other hand trying to look like a loyal friend to Muqtada Al Sadr Mahdi Army because he is puppet Prime Minister due to their support.

The US occpation military if try to raid more Shias neighborhoods to arrest death squads criminals of Mahdi Army the violence will increase, if they don’t take any action the violence will go on as usual with tortured bodies found every morning in Baghdad. The US occupation military really can’t do anything they are stuck due to supidity of their commander in chief. moron Bush.

“It was a terrible mistake,” Carter told a select group of reporters here when referred to the US action in Iraq.
This is what Carter said during an interview ofcourse more diplomatically then me.


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