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Hugo Chavez will win December elections.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2006

President Hugo Chavez has a wide lead over his top contender as he seeks re-election in Venezuela’s upcoming elections, according to a new poll.

The survey by Zogby International found 59 percent support Chavez, compared to 24 percent for the opposition’s top candidate, Manuel Rosales.


The poll released Monday also dealt with Chavez’s comments last month when he called President Bush “the devil” in a speech to the United Nations.

Asked generally about Chavez’s U.N. speech, 36 percent said it made them proud of him as their president, while 23 percent said it made them ashamed. An additional 15 percent were indifferent, while 26 percent said they were either unfamiliar with the speech or unsure what to think about it.

The Zogby poll, conducted with support from the University of Miami School of Communication, found just 2 percent preferred second-tier Chavez opponent Benjamin Rausseo, a well-known comedian.

The survey included face-to-face interviews with 800 registered voters between Oct. 1 and Oct. 16. The U.S. polling company reported an error margin of 3.5 percentage points.

This is very good news for Venezuela and the whole Latin/South America. The Bolivian and Nicaraguan must take lead and elect their leftist Presidential candidates.


17 Responses to “Hugo Chavez will win December elections.”

  1. Mick said

    Sure. Great prediction in a country now going down the road of Marxisim. Did you predict that Fidel Castro would win every election?

  2. Venezuela had the democratic system and Hugo Chavez popularly elected President of that country which ofcourse will never be recognize people like you calling it Marxism or dictatorship evil socialism simply that he criticizes Bush regime policies of aggression and oppressions.

    Fidel Castro is holding to power from very long time and if he did not had the support of majority of Cubans would have lost his powers long time ago. Again this will be difficult for you to understand because people like you believe in installing puppet government who would go along with all US policies without any question with tanks and guns.

  3. Michael said

    Quran Bible,

    Educate us. Would you like to Google some info on your loving Hugo Chavez. Check out The Devil’s Excrement for one. Chavez is a self proclaimed Marxist and he is giving away his country’s oil profits to elect mor Marxists. I have a prediction, Hugo Chavez will be El Presidente for life.

  4. Michael said

    Quran Man,

    What is your opinion of the Islamic Imam in Australia saying that women should wear their head wraps and stay at home so they are not raped? They are like a piece of unwrapped meat left out on the street without the headwrap? Tell me at sadbastards.wordpress.com.

  5. Michael read one of my post in Religions where I explained this clearly. I am not religious scholar or religious person. That Australian Imam is wrong.

  6. pookeye said

    I’d like you to live there in Venezuela and tell me how safe it is outside after midnight, or better yet after 9pm, tell me that Chavez has made Venzuela better? Sure he is helping the poor, but if that creates a Dictator, I personally feel is wrong. If having a dictotator is the only way to help the poor, then that is a huge price to pay, and it may not be worth it.

  7. Describe the advantages of Democracy. Also provide proof of Hugo Chavez dictatorship. I want to learn from you the advantages of democracy in USA.

  8. Mick said

    In a free enterprise democracy, we have the right to excell at what we want. I can be a writer or artist, or I can sell investment packages or revamp homes and sell them at a huge profit. When you try hard, study and get an advanced degree, and pays off eventually. I’m in the middle class.

    Hugo Chavez has jailed opposition leaders. Web sites have a list of some 300 missing opposition leaders. Free elections? The Chavez “parliment” or “house of representatives” is 100 percent of Chavez’s party. There is a brain drain going on. It’s quite sad. He’s taken homes and farms from his opposition and calls his own middle class rancid. The shacks on the mountain-sides of Caracas are a living hell of gangs, poverty, drugs and no education for boys over 13, or they get killed by gangs on the way home. Chavez would rather sell his oil to China at 1/3 less profit than to the U.S. And his people suffer.

  9. I checked your blog and just read the heading of your first post blasting at Nancy Pelosi which is clear indication of your Republicans loyalities. Whenever you said in you comments are propaganda. People in Venezuela are as much free as you are to choose any profession they want. Giving away farms to the farmers is good not evil. I believe you will not understand this because you are one more US government and media brain washed person.

  10. benny said

    Ok, let me tell you like it is, as I have middle class family and friends linving in the hell hole Chavez has created.

    1) 100% anarchy and insecurity in the street. Every second there is a “Secruestro Express” (Express Kidnap) against anyone who has a middle class look . 10% end up dead because thugs are so desperate and ignorant and amateur, that kidnapped people are accidentally or deliberately killed. Chavez is more preocupied with a global revolution by spending most oil money for Global propaganda than taking care of its own poor people. Case in point, all my family has been rob at gun point, of their car, their house savings, in their business store, etc. All my friends don’t go out past 6:00 PM . If you call this life, then be my guest and move down there with your family.

    2) PDVSA, The Chaves controlled national oil company issued a memo that if you don’t vote for Chavez, you are fired. Real democracy here at work.

    3) If you are not with Chavez, you get squat in Government benefits. They can tell who you voted for. There is no privacy, they will dig your records.

    4) You can’t buy dollar currency to pay your parts or raw material. But you can buy it in the back door in the black market, sold by chavez supporters who has access to such “preferencial rate money”.

    5)Every single mass project (Miciones) to help the poor is mismanaged to the point it costed many times more of its original budget, and is never finished, and organizers never get paid. More money dissapear during this “miciones” projects.

    6) Attack to Venevision, Globovision media conglomerate to quiet the the truth on any case showing the government involment..

    7) During last referendum

    a) All people who were known to vote against him, all got sent to the other side of the country to vote, in a dangerous hood, requiring air plane or long distance drive to get to. Would you allow your son\daughter to go by themselves to vote in the middle of the night in the jungle, my brother in law did not allow any of his daughters to go, nor its father and grand parent”

    b) Days before referendum, a last minute change of voting rule was decreed: Overseas Venezuelan who are illegal in such country can’t vote. Great Pro democratic move.

    c) Millions got their voting rights denied at the poll. Why? The chavistas deleted all the oposition people from the pre registration voting system. “If you are not in the book you can’t vote” even if you have preregistration copy. Go figure that one.

    d) More people turned up to the legal age of voting for Chavez than 20 years of demographic historical data can allow. Mmm, Massive amount of Chavez supportes got cloned in a matter of month to vote.Mmmmm. I wonder.

    e) Millions of illegal immigrant got their Naturalization papers and their National Identification (Cedula) in a matter of days. Illegal chineses fresh from the boat, who can’t read spanish, voted for chavez. No, it was not a technological marvel that allowed them to learn all about the language and their new found country, and decide to conciously vote for Chavez in less than month. But it was a Computer Science stunt where the new nationalized immigrant’s “Yes for Chavez” name from the Database got pre imported and loaded into the CNE (electoral ministry) system wihtout needing a physical body to be present to vote. My friend Colombian girlfriend is a witness to that. She got her Venezuelan citizenship just by crossing the border from Colombia to Venezuela.

    8) Invasion of private property is allowed and condoned. So if you have a house, and you don’t leave there as you are on vacation for a couple of years , don’t be suprised to see people in there wehn you come back, or your locked broken. This is great motivation for progress. I have no problem with giving farms to farmers, but it has to be done legally following fair rules and policys. Not blatant invasion, disregarding all kind of existing ownerships laws.

    9) Private school, and Your children education will be pass to the estate responsibility (to be brainwashed with communism ideas, just like Fidel, Mao Tse Tung and the islamofacist teachings of hatred , of course) starting 2007.

    I can report more, but you get the idea. Chavez will win no matter if he win or looses this December 3rd election. As he’ll be pulling more
    rabbits out of the hat, and can tap and abuse the National Treasury for unlimited amount of oil money to win.


  11. Josh said

    I would like you to personally go to Venezuela and live there. I am a venezuelan; and one of my grandfathers got beat up, some criminal knocked off all of his teeth. It’s not the first time we hear about crimes, and drugs; and such, but you arent going to sit here and tell everyone that Hugo Chavez is the least responsible for these actions? i don’t think im the only one who feels this way. I really have to agree with Mick on his statement; there is a 100 percentage of people who in the “house of representatives” solemnly support Chavez; why can the United States have republicans and democrats that could live together with one another; is it possible in Venezuela to be Anti-Chavista and still be truly accepted in society?
    I dont know where you are from; but i lived and was born in Venezuela and whatever it is in there; it’s anything but democracy. I was watching a video where the president quoted that it is bad to be rich; that sounds a lot like communism come to think of it. If you really want to live over there; forever, i’ll pay you the plane ticket, then there you can support Hugo Chavez and his anti-democratic ideas and the lack of respect he has to the United States of America.

  12. Friends Benny and Josh. The sitution you have described is disgusting. Hugo Chavez have implement the tough policies to fight the crime and he must act very fast with his social reforms. It is my own analysis that this is the last election victory if he don’t provide the decent housing for Venezuelans. The security situation could easily get under control with law enforcement agencies. I never visited Venezuela but not that far away from your country. I am three hours away from Florida and there is one hour flight from there to Caracus. I certainly will come to Venezuela in near future. I support Hugo Chavez because what he is doing looks good for the poor people of Venezuela and Latin America.

  13. Bruce said

    Quran Bible – you should stop talking about things you don’t know about. I lived in Venezuela for five years and recently moved home. What’s more, I’m married to a Venezuelan and have Venezuelan children. I can tell you first-hand that the situations described by your contributors above are very real. What’s more, public services have disintegrated……..

    Don’t call the police when you get robbed or attacked – IF they respond at all, they do nothing.

    Don’t count on water to drink or take a bath – if you don’t have a storage tank to capture as much as you can during the hours it flows, you won’t have much water.

    Don’t count on electricity – even if you do have a storage tank for water, too often you have no electricity to pump it to your house. Be sure to have lots of candles on hand!

    Need a passport? Forget it. My kids don’t have current passports. Know why? THERE’S NO PAPER TO PRINT THEM ON. Of course, that is, unless you’re willing to “facilitate” the process. Its amazing what a couple of hundred in cash in hand can get you.

    When you see food products in the supermarket – BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! ‘Cause tomorrow they won’t be there. And I don’t mean luxury items – but rather the basics like eggs, milk, flour, sugar, well you get the picture.

    Need to get to the airport in the morning? You had better leave the night before and sleep in the hallways or wherever you can at the airport. Cause you can’t depend on the highway and bridges that fell down. Oh, you can take the old route up over the hills. Better do it armed in a caravan, though cause that’s a prime hotspot for atracos.

    Don’t go to the bank and withdraw much cash. I was followed and robbed because the teller signaled to his buddy that I was a “mark”.

    Well, you get the picture, right? Venezuela is a great country – what a paradise it could be. So what has Chavez done to help the country? Nada. Zip. Things get worse instead of better. Unless, of course, you are military, active chavista, politician, or an otherwise crooked public official taking your piece of the action so you can get the “comforts” that make these difficulties so much easier to withstand. Where are the BILLIONS in cash? In the five years I was there, with all that cash rolling in, I saw quality of life deteriorate each year.

    For the safety of my family, we had to leave. Do you know what its like to be looking over your shoulder at every step. Or having to drive around the block instead of into your driveway because someone is behind you too close. And do you know, if we hadn’t had a good amount of cash in our pockets we might never have made it? Sad when you have to buy your way out of a democracy like Venezuela, right?

    So, my friend, you are wrong when you observe the good things done for the poor. The poor need security, water, food, safe transport, housing and on and on and on. Are they getting it.


    If you go to Venezuela, please be careful, don’t trust anyone, and watch your back from the minute you get off the airplane.

    And I have to ask one last question – how many people do YOU see fleeing TO Venezuela (except of course for the paid voters being imported by Chavez)? Hmmm…….I would say that is a great indicator of how beneficial the years of Chavez control have been for the country.

  14. Bruce thank you for your comments which is the real information coming from someone who have to live with all these difficulties. Written another posted related to Hugo Chavez – Time to act after reading the comments of Josh and Benny.

    Bruce my friend I analyze the news carefully before writing anything and all the news related to Hugo Chavez was very positive. The man who is for the welfare of common poor people. Trust me Hugo Chavez will be out of power if he really do no immediately start implementing policies which will improve the security and provding cheap housing for the poors than he is out.

    Take care, be careful, prays to God for your and your family safety.

  15. Mick said

    Quan Bible, I’m impressed that you have an open mind and allowed Bruce, Josh, Benny and me to speak on the subject. I don’t know if I told you, but I have several friends who are Venezuelan, becuase I have worked in the oil business. I even worked for Citgo for a year and quit when I saw what was going on. I fortunately had another project lined up or my family would have suffered, but they endorsed my decision. Hugo Chavez is a monster, even worse than Fidel Castro, because Chavez is destroying a fine, very defeloped democracy. I’d like to know why you gravitate to dictators though? Can you explain?

  16. Mick
    Started writing the reponse to your comments which will be better if I publish it in new post. I will provide you the link after publishing it. I will publish all the comments which are decent which does not contain racial ethnic and religious hatred even it contains strong criticism of me and my opinion.
    Hugo Chavez and Latin America.

  17. pookeye said

    Quran Bible,

    I’d like to be the second person to say that I was impressed. I too am a Venezuelan, and a Chinese Venezuelan to be exact. Most of the foreigners in venezuela especially middle east, asian, europeans work hard in venezuela in terms of stores, super markets, and such and Venezuela allowed my parents to be middle class.. They however were fortunate enough to leave as well. I have a godmother in venezuela whom has problems with kidnappings and so forth.. my godbrother was personally kidnapped for a week for $15,000 US dollars.. I’m not even talking about $15,000 Bolivares, this is A LOT in venezuela… and it saddens me to think that my beautiful country is in such shambles. The country is a paradise on earth.. but with Chavez, he keeps giving all these cheap oil to Cuba, UK, US, latin america, all for political clout.. its sad but he is robbing my country.. for his personally marxist views… I am sorry I responded with my comments because the truth is, when I was in venezuela, I was told to not go out after it gets dark… but not just my family… but also strangers that live there.. they even told me the second i get out of the airplane I should get out of Caracas ASAP. This is how dire the situation is in venezuela.. no security.. and the police are totally corrupt.. I sure hope that Oil gets cheap again so that Chavez can’t fund whatever it is he wants and allows a new change, because at this rate, he is destroying all hope of Venezuela becoming an even more prosperous nation.. I am all for helping the poor, but if you blatantly give money away when it can be used for the poor that you have in house, than it will never work… Venezuela should be investing all that money on the future, and infrastructure, and soundness so that foreign capital can come in to build new work for people, and allow new entrepreneurs that are venezuelan to come up with new ideas with more capital from abroad… Overall, I support more middle class, less poor class, and higher class… I don’t just want this for Venezuela, i want this for the United States as well.

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