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Afghanistan – Mullah Omar Eid Message.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2006

PESHAWAR: In his annual Eid message from an undisclosed location, Taliban leader Mulla Muhammad Omar threatened manifold increase in attacks by his fighters in the coming months and asked Nato forces to quit Afghanistan instead of fighting for the US. The message in Pashto was emailed to The News and other media organisations by Taliban spokesman Dr Muhammad Hanif, who too operates clandestinely. An English translation of the message was also provided.

In his new Eid message to the �Muslim Ummah, Mujahideen in bunkers and Afghan Muslims,� Mulla Omar noted that it was the fifth Eid-ul-Fitr that the Afghan people were celebrating with their homeland under US occupation. However, he greeted the Afghans by telling them that the aggressors were on the run and Hamid Karzai and his associates were preparing to flee. He declared that Karzai and his men would be brought to Islamic justice. �And everyone is well aware of the strength of our court,� Mulla Omar reminded, alluding to the Shariat courts set up by Taliban that awarded strict punishments such as public executions for murders, stoning to death for adultery and amputation of limbs for thefts.

The Taliban leader, who is still referred to as Amirul Momineen (Commander of the Faithful), in his unusually long message maintained that the Karzai regime had failed to establish peace, tackle drug-trafficking, and unify the country. He said the government cannot maintain peace because it had recruited thieves in militias that were let loose on the Afghan people. He alleged that most members of the Karzai regime were drug-traffickers and there was no way that they would initiate action against fellow narcotics dealers.

Mulla Omar accused elements within the Afghan government of creating divisions in Afghanistan as part of their political agenda. �Alien culture and faiths are being imposed on Kabul. Those who are ruling Afghans, in fact, are aliens as they have returned to Afghanistan with foreign culture and ideas and they feel ashamed to adopt their own culture, he said. Source : The News.

Pakistan government is blaming Afghanistan involvement for the recent violence in Waziristan, Hamid Karzai is denying these charges. The violence in the month of Ramadan just few days before Eid is shameful with so many innocent children women civilians lost their lives, their homes destroyed, these poor people become homeless. Pevez Musharraf and puppet President Hamid Karzai, must find peaceful solution to end this violence. The present policy of killing people who opposes the policy is not working.


Mullah Omar Eid message which was originally published in The Nation Pakistan English News Paper.

BE it in Afghanistan or Iraq, the persistent use of force has reaped determined resistance. Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s Eid message on the Internet, that the Mujahideen would escalate revenge killings of NATO troops seems pertinent. Omar said they are sacrificing their lives for nothing but to fulfill America’s agenda and to increase the instability of Afghanistan.
This is reflective of the growing impatience of the Afghan people with the puppet regime of Karzai, which has been so eager to blame his nation’s instability on Taliban serving foreign interests, particularly Pakistan. It is clear that President Karzai has failed at becoming a representative leader of the Afghan people. Using the Taliban as an alibi for his administration’s failure to redress Afghan grievances, control poppy growth and maintain law and order, have made him a deserving target of domestic criticism.

Meanwhile, in a television message on Sky News, Mullah Mohammed Amin said that the Taliban would strengthen their resistance by fanning out to the West of the country and kill civilians that they consider “silent accomplices” in this irrational war.

Amidst such voices, the Afghan government’s plea to the world’s Muslims to help wipe out the Taliban insurgency is a mockery, since the Taliban resistance is a direct result of the social and political fragmentation and suspicion engendered by the ruling government.
Amidst such voices, the Afghan government’s plea to the world’s Muslims to help wipe out the Taliban insurgency is a mockery, since the Taliban resistance is a direct result of the social and political fragmentation and suspicion engendered by the ruling government.



Former Afghan Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has also issued a message, saying that history would repeat itself, leaving the U.S. and NATO occupation forces to the same sorry fate as the Soviet forces.

All this should drive home the point that wherever undue force is used, undue resistance will result. The struggle of the Taliban looks set to gain momentum as time goes on, and unless foreign forces leave the country, Afghan instability will continue.

Link to Original Message: Mullah Omar Eid Message.

I have seen the Bush failed policies in Afghanistan and Iraq with Talieban and Iraqi Resistance operating with very consistence successful plans on keeping their offensive with improvement with the time as well as they have better strategy of fighting propaganda war and winning it against the US and its allies strong networks.


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