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Michael Ware reporting live from Baghdad.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2006

Michael Ware the only CNN correspondent whose reports are unbiased and credible reported from Baghdad on one the the State Department official, Alberto Fernandezl who commented on Al Jazeera that US showed arrogance and stupidity in Iraq. Michael Ware correct reporting is due to the fact that he is living with Iraqis since 2001 well before Bush’s invasion. All the CNN journalists corespondents when visit Iraq live in Green Zone which the fortified area protected by US military. Michael Ware call Green Zone a big bubble where they don’t have to face the harsh violent situation. The people living in Green Zone bubble do not mix with common Iraqis and they are cut off from reality. CNN and all other US News Network correspondents visiting Iraq staying in Green Zone get their reports from the US military breafing which are so far based on false propaganda of Bush regime “that everything in Iraq is working very well and US military is making huge successes in Iraq” which ofcourse is not true. Michael Ware live with the Iraqis goes through all the sufferings really know the actual Iraq. Michael reply to Wolf for the question of “arrogance and stupidity”.

U.S. diplomats is that grave errors were made, particularly in the first year of the occupation in Iraq. Most often cited was the way in which the disbandment of Saddam’s military was handled, the extent and depth of de-Baathification and a host of other issues.

There’s a whole range of reasons postulated as to explain those mistakes, from ideology run-amok to people not listening to those on the ground to people simply being unaware or unaccepting of the realities to suggestions that people were far too cloistered and shrouded within the green zone and other fortified bases.

I think implicit in most of those is some element or charge of arrogance and/or stupidity.

Why is October of this year, this month, shaping up already as the worst month of the year for the U.S. military in Iraq? Wolf Blitzer asked Michael Ware.

Well, there’s a whole host of factors at play here, as well, Wolf.

I mean, firstly, this has been the month of Eve (ph), of the holy month of Ramadan. This is a time traditionally of an offensive by the insurgents. Indeed, this is the fourth Ramadan offensive of this war. So there’s naturally an increase in insurgent activity.

Couple that with an increased presence of U.S. troops on the streets of the capital in what’s the now ailing if not failing Operation Together Forward, or Battle of Baghdad. That increases the U.S. troop exposure. And don’t forget, the insurgency took a number of hits this year in terms of its leadership, most spectacularly Al Qaeda in Iraq losing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, its charismatic leader. These insurgents, these groups, had to re-gather. And we see them now lay out yet another offensive platform.

And don’t forget, once more, the insurgents here are savvy politically. They’re attuned to what’s happening elsewhere in the world, and particularly what’s happening with American domestic policy. So I’m sure that’s a factor in this upswing in American casualties, Michael Ware reply.

I wish this courageous reporter stay safe in Baghdad because I am kind of getting addicted to his reports. Turth always is good to hear even if did not bring us the information what we wish for.


2 Responses to “Michael Ware reporting live from Baghdad.”

  1. ron said

    i like his reporting its up front. he is believable and wish more people would listen to him. they could learn something.

  2. Michael Ware is the only CNN reporter who is reporting Iraq news without any spin. He is the most honest courageous and intelligent reporter on CNN.

    Anderson Cooper started good but now he has become more like Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs, Paula Zahn reporting news from their own personal point of view.

    John Roberts is second close to Michael Ware.

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