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Israeli warplanes step up overflights over Lebanon.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2006

Beirut – Israeli jets intensified Monday their overflights over Lebanon reaching areas over the capital Beirut, Lebanese police said.

‘More than 20 overflights were registered over areas in the capital, its surroundings and southern Lebanon,’ the police said.

Two jets flew low over Beirut, police said.

Police said four planes carrying out mock raids over the southern port city of Tyre, as Lebanese Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan.

‘These are the most intensive overflights since the August 14 ceasefire,’ the police said.

The Israeli violations came days after France, which currently commands the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, said the force could open fire on Israeli jets violating the terms of a UN ceasefire.

Resolution 1701 which ended 33 days of fighting between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah calls for the disarmament of all militia in Lebanon, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon, and the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force along side the Lebanese army in the south.

Israel action of mock air attack is provocation to Hezbollah and does not look like they really are looking for peaceful solutions in Middle East. Israel has step up these over flights after UNIFIL complaints that these overflights are clear violation of UN Resolution 1701 with General comments to use force. Israel is showing off their power in very childish immature way to UN that they are helpless and can’t do anything against them because their all actions and atrocities are backed by US. They know US will veto all UN resolutions which goes against the interest of Israel. They are like the spoiled child of US government who are allowed to do whatever mischief they want and still claim that they are peace loving people.


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