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Iraq – Bush regime in panic.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2006

There are so many reports on Iraq today from pro war and anti war point of view. The Democrats who voted for Iraq war wants Bush to change strategy with some Republicans who changed their views about because of midterm elections are calling the same. Bush who had met with Gen. John Abizaid and Gen. and other Generals to discuss Iraq’s new strategy insisted in his weekly radio interview that US troops will not withdraw from Iraq. The New York Times reported on its Web site later on Saturday that the US planned to give the Iraqi government a timetable to address sectarian violence and get a handle on the security situation, and it will threaten penalties if the Iraqis fail to reach US-established benchmarks. Citing unnamed senior US officials, the newspaper said the blueprint is to be presented to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki before the end of the year. Three more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, the U.S. military said on Sunday, bringing the death toll of American troops in Iraq this month to 87.

There is another report from Britain which is saying that UK troops will withdraw from Iraq within 12 months according to Junior Blair government official claim. There is also by CBS where $800M dolloars reported stolen which were meant to spend to equip Iraqi Forces are stolen in fraudulent arms deals. The $400M were used to buy outdated equipment and the rest of the money stolen.

Bush regime who really never had the exit plan from Iraq are now in panic mode and they are desperate to find a quick solution for Iraq which unfortunately is not there except withdrawal. Bush who repeatedly saying arrogantly from last 4 years that US will not “cut and run” has difficulty accepting the truth and reality because he is delusional religious fanatic and I believe he is mental sickness of some kind where people are not really capable of understanding the situation. This mental sickness analysis is based on medical report published in some medical journal according to which the people who get arrested for DUI charges had the changes of developing mental sickness and we all know that Bush was alcoholic who was arrested with DUI charges.

Bush regime panic mode will not work like their all previous stupid policies.


2 Responses to “Iraq – Bush regime in panic.”

  1. unitedcats said

    While on the one hand it’s amusing to see Bush and the Neocons frantically grasp at straws as their failed policies disolve into a bloody haze, on the other hand there is too much Iraqi and American blood on the ground for me to take much pleasure in this. I pray that Bush doesn’t escalate rather than withdraw, the situation in Iraq will likely get worse before it gets better.


  2. quranbible said


    I must have given the wrong impression here that am celebrating the deaths of Iraqis and US troops. The killings on both sides are sad loss. Iraqis has suffered so much with Bush’s invasion that make me sick. The US troops casulaties are still within 3000 as compared to Iraqis 665,000 and we are not counting the severe injuries of Iraqi civlians which we really don’t know.

    The US troops wounded soldiers numbers are over 20,000 now and more than half had the severe injuries with lost of one or more limbs, the permanent brain injuries. These soldiers have live with these injuries for the rest of their lives for the unnecessary war which really don’t have any positive ending for US and its Allies.

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