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Senior MoD official claims Iran duped UK intelligence.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2006

Senior Mod official claims Iran duped UK intelligence By Neil Mackay, Investigations Editor

This investigative report worth reading. Bush and Blair lied to invade Iraq. Bush and Blair painted Saddam Hussein as “evil” who has Weapons of Mass destructions. Bush went one step ahead of making a false claim that Saddam Hussein has acquired uranium tubes from Nigeria in dramatic way in this State of Union speech. Tenet argued personally to White House officials, including deputy national security adviser Stephen Hadley, that the allegation should not be used because it came from only a single source, according to one senior official. Another senior official with knowledge of the intelligence said the CIA had doubts about the accuracy of the documents underlying the allegation, which months later turned out to be forged.

The new disclosure suggests how eager the White House was in January to make Iraq’s nuclear program a part of its case against Saddam Hussein even in the face of earlier objections by its own CIA director. It also appears to raise questions about the administration’s explanation of how the faulty allegations were included in the State of the Union speech.

Tony Blair did his part by publishing Dossier against Saddam Hussein which was all lies which includes threats that Iraq has the capability to destroy Europe in 40 minutes notices.

They got the war they wished so badly now their no way out for their troops out of Iraq. It is also interesting to see the super power is getting the beating of their lives by Resistance with home made weapons.


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