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Israel admitted using Phosphorus bombs in Lebanon. Update.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2006

Tel Aviv, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) For the first time, Israel admitted using phosphorus shells in its recent offensive against Lebanon, Haaretz reported Sunday.

Minister Jacob Edery, in charge of government-Knesset relations, said Israel used those bombs during the war against Hezbollah in attacks against military targets in open ground, arguing they used this type of munitions according to the rules of international law, which does not prohibit them.

White Phosphorus (WP), known as Willy Pete, can be used for signaling, screening, and incendiary purposes, but it is also used during times of conflicts to destroy the enemy´s equipment or to limit his vision.

Despite its results in painful chemical burn injuries, it is not outlawed or illegal or banned by any convention or treaty.

However, the third protocol of the Geneva Convention on Conventional Weapons restricts the use of “incendiary weapons,” with phosphorus considered to be one such weapon.

Israel and the United States are not signatories to the Third Protocol.

The US Department of Defense had also admitted using phosphorus munitions during its November 2004 offensive in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

This is the real face of socalled peace loving countries Israel and US who don’t get tired speaking about terrorism each and every day and then do their own “terrorists” acts of using phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs on civilians. The Israel and US are the countries who believe that the lives of their citizens are more valuable than any other country of the world. The US is the only country which has used the Nuclear Weapons on civilian in World War II and they might be the only nation to use it again in Middle East to win the war. Israel do follow US is also capable of using Nuclear Weapons against Iran or Syria.

The latest victim of Israel cluster bombs in Lebanon.

A ten-year old boy was killed in southern Lebanon on Sunday after he came in contact with an unexploded Israeli cluster bomb. The boy had been working in their family’s olive grove in the village of Helta near the Lebanese border with Israel when the explosion occurred.

The explosion killed the ten-year old boy and seriously wounded his brother. Both children were rushed to a nearby hospital, but the boy died on the way.


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