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Bush vs Kerry on Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2006

Bush and Kerry are attacking each other on Iraq like mad dogs. Bush believes that those who are calling for US withdrawal from Iraq are supporting “surrender” clearly referring to Kerry.

“Frankly, I hear disparate voices all over the place from the Democrats’ side about Iraq. We got some saying, ‘Get out,’ ” Bush said. “The person I ran against in 2004, Sen. Kerry, said at a date-certain time, withdraw.”

“That’s reprehensible. It’s a lie,” Kerry said.

“First of all, al Qaeda is still very active in Iraq. They are dangerous. They are lethal. They are trying to not only kill American troops, but they’re trying to foment sectarian violence. They believe that if they can create enough chaos, the American people will grow sick and tired of the Iraqi effort and will cause us to withdraw.” Bush.

The problem is that Bush and Kerry are politcians who will never speak the truth. The truth is that there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq before Bush invasion. There was a Sunni Group which was operating in Northern Kurds area where Saddam Hussein did not have any control after first Gulf War.

This is true that Kerry did not call for immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq when he was running for President simply because he is corrupt politicians who is scared to give honest opionion on controversial issues. The only Democrat who was in favor of US troops withdrawal was Dennis Kucinich who was rejected by Democrats.

“The president just misled America again in that interview,” he said. “Al Qaeda is not the problem in Iraq.”

Kerry added, “The violence in Iraq today, George, is between Shia and Sunni; this is a civil war.”

Kerry did not reserve all of his criticism for Bush. He also took aim at Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the likely contenders for the Republican presidential nomination.

“The solution in Iraq is not military,” Kerry said. “If it’s not military, don’t talk, as John McCain does, about putting more troops in.”

Kerry called McCain’s approach a “fantasy” and reiterated that Bush must get tougher with the leaders of the newly formed Iraqi government.

This is interesting that it took four years for Kerry come to this conclusion. Kerry voted for the invasion of Iraq without questioning Bush regime lies because that had the very popular support within Democrats and Republicans at that time. Kerry vote was more to go with the flow keeping an eye on the high poll numbers to get credit for supporting the war for his Presidential run. Kerry now try to blame this vote on intelligence reports provided by Bush regime is another political spin because a person like me who never see any of these intelligence reports rejected all the lies just looking at the media reports and analyzing them fairly. There were Democrats who voted against the invasion of Iraq are the couragous politicians and they only have the right to critize Bush Iraq invasion not Kerry.

Kerry is right that John McCain’s plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq will not work because Iraqi Resistance is growing stronger every day and now they have gained enough experience to keep this going for decades. Iraqi Resistance which were mostly Sunnis had sucessfully bring Shias into the violence who are presently attacking and killing each other will unite to fight the common enemy US occupation military when they see the increased number of troops in Iraq. The increase in number of troops will result in higher casulaties because they will be more likely to go offensive rather than patrolling.

The insrease in the number of troops will sky rocket the logistic cost of Iraq occation which presently is 8 billion dollars per month. McCain proposal is to double the number of US military in Iraq will than cost them 16 billion dollars per month approximately. Iraqi Resistance is fighting this war very cheaply and had the manpower and financial resources to keep it alive for as long as US military is in Iraq.

“You have to set a date because it’s the only way to get Iraqis to respond,” adding, “The date is not a date in a vacuum. I mean, I’m not stupid.”

“Either they resolve the political differences within this year because they want to, or they don’t want to. If they don’t want to, there’s nothing American troops can do,” Kerry said.

Kerry really did not understand the situation in Iraq clearly which are very evident from his statement. The puppet Iraqi government only had the control of four square mile Green Zone in Baghdad. The Iraqi government has no capabilities or power to implement law and order outside Green Zone. Kerry is very ignorant person who do not know that Iraqis political differences can’t be resolved now with Sunni killing Shias and Shias killing Sunnis for the control of power. This is right American troops can’t do anything now who are so much stuck in Iraq quagmire which reminds me of Saddam Hussein’s ex Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf what he said at the initial stage of Bush invasion. “We have placed them in a quagmire from which they can never emerge except dead” this has become the reality today for US troops.


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