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Britain ‘risking defeat in Afghanistan’.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2006

This is the assessment of Field Marshal Sir Peter Inge, the former head of Britain’s armed forces.

The facing defeat is understatement by Field Marshal Sir Peter Inge, the fact is US and Britain has already lost Afghanistan and Iraq war.

The coalition of greed went into war without looking into the consequences of their invasion. Bush is really don’t have any idea of Afghanistan culture traditions their tribal way of life thought that the invasion and occupation of this poor country will be easy without knowing the history of that country. Blair actually is intelligent person who should have looked into British Afghans history of fighting where they were unable to take control of this region as they conquered the whole India.

Bush again a man of very very limited knowledge had no idea when he decided to invade Iraq. Blair again should have looked into their own history of Iraq occupation and defeat instead of giving approval to his friend Bush.

Bush and Blair has lost in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq. Its just matter of time for them to admit the reality and run from Afghanistan and Iraq just like Vietnam.


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