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Guatemala unable to win two third votes.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

The President, Hugo Chavez, has said Venezuela will not abandon its bid for a UN Security Council seat despite trailing US backed Guatemala in repeated rounds of voting.

“Venezuela does not surrender,” Chavez said in a speech yesterday night. “I say it here to the whole world, Venezuela will continue waging this battle.”

Chavez called it a struggle against the US ”empire” and accused Washington of leading a fierce campaign of “blackmail, pressure, threats of all sorts,” during 22 rounds of voting over two days in the UN General Assembly.

The deadlock appeared to set up the sort of high-profile confrontation that Chavez has thrived on in repeated diplomatic bouts with Washington. Guatemala, unable to obtain the required two-thirds majority to win, was left with 102 votes to Venezuela’s 77 in the final ballot of the day. Voting is to resume tomorrow after a day off to allow for consultations.

In Guatemala, President Oscar Berger said his country also would stay in the race.

“We have won in all the rounds of voting, except for one tie,” Berger told reporters. “Having had so much support from so many countries reflects that we merit the seat, and I am confident that we will get the 22 votes that we still lack.”

Chavez said he has nothing against Guatemala but that it was sad how the US takes the name of a country to use it for its imperialist interests.

This must be too humiliating for Bush regime. All their bullying threads, cutting off financial aids black mailing did not help them so secure UN Security Concil seat for their puppet country.


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