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Fatah-Hamas agreement help solve problem of Palestine gov’t: Russia.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said an agreement between Al-Fatah and Hamas should create conditions for solving the problem of Palestine’s government.

In an interview with Kuwaiti KUNA news agency on Saturday, Lavrov said, “Other Palestinian groups outside the Palestinian Authority’s territory may take part in this process. I think that such government may rely on broad support from Arab states. We know about efforts taken by them to ensure accord on Palestinian territories. We mean the efforts taken by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and primarily Qatar.” The minister regretted that certain Quartet members were trying to influence this process and make excessive demands because it would be unrealistic to demand now that Hamas should fully accept all the terms of the Quartet, including the recognition of Israel, the giving up of violence with regard to Israel and the compliance with all the existing agreements.

“We are sure of it, and we used to say from the very beginning after the establishment of contacts with Hamas that it may advance gradually towards accepting those terms.”

Lavrov stressed, “Hamas consent to complying with all the existing agreements, confirming the powers of Abu Mazen as the only negotiator would be a very important step in the direction, which is necessary for all of us: Let us promote this stand as much as we can.”

This is the only positive news today and I am glad that peace deal within Palestinians have reached. Fatah must accept the election results which bring Hamas into power and they must also realize how difficult for this government to survive with all the European and US aid cutoff. Bush regime talk about democracy had not accepted the results of Palestinian elections and try to bring Hamas elected government down with financial problems.

The Palestinians must be intelligent enough to know that US want to punish them for voting for Hamas. This peace deal I believe will bring down daily clashes and killings of Palestinians. I agree with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Hamas will soften their approach towards Israel and will come to peaceful negotiations which goes in the benefit for Palestinians and Jews.


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