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Boliva assurance on military bases.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

Defense Minister Walker San Miguel is assuring its neighbors that its military bases within its own border are no threath to any other country. The proposed $49 million loan from Venezuela will help fund a military base near Brazil to fight drug trafficking as well as a base for a battalion of engineers to build roads to an ecological reserve on the Peruvian border, the minister said.

“Our military posts on the borders do not include armaments … we are a people of peace,” San Miguel said, adding that the loan, which still needs approval by Bolivia’s Congress, would also help build a port managed by Bolivia’s navy to transport oil seeds on the Paraguay and Parana rivers.

The rightist opposition to President Evo Morales, and neighbors Chile, Paraguay and Peru, have expressed alarm at the proposed military aid from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is using oil money to try to build an anti-U.S. alliance in Latin America.
San Miguel said Bolivia will spend $12 million of the Venezuelan aid in the next five years for other new military posts on its borders, but said they were small bases for 20 men to combine immigration, customs, police and army operations.
San Miguel announced a series of visits by defense ministers in the region to clear up concerns. Paraguayan Defense Minister Roberto Gonzalez is due to visit Bolivia this month to inspect the oil seeds port. Peru’s defense minister is also scheduled to visit to analyze future military agreements.

San Miguel said he would also visit Chile in November to meet with his counterpart there. He said Chile’s concern over a small military post on the border to protect water resources was overstated. “There is no reciprocal threat in our border with Chile,” San Miguel said.

Chile and Bolivia have had historically rocky ties, since Chile wrested mineral-rich coastal territory from Bolivia in a 19th-century war that left Bolivia landlocked. The two countries cut off diplomatic relations in 1978, and still do not have ambassadors.

The countries who are making this an issue are all US backed oppressive governments. The US backed oppressive governments will always oppose any other government which want to work for the benefits of poor and common people. The US see that as a threat to their way of life when socialists stop during undue favors to thier big corporations. These bases according to my knowledge are very small with very few numbers of military personnels which can’t be threat to neighboring countries. Bolvia and Venezuela have the right to sign military economic and social relationship which will work in favor of Latin/South America.

San Miguel said Bolivia has a total of 15 military posts on its borders and said that was a small number compared to its neighbors.


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