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Afghanistan war very much alive.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

The Americans and British are not paying too much attention on Afghanistan war which is another lost war of Bush and Blair. The Taleban killed one British soldier and one Afghan policeman in suicide attack. The news has also reported the killing of two Afghan children. This is Taleban final push before they go back to their families and homes for winter to come back fresh in spring next year. The US News Networks and British News Media will be propagating that US and British occupation military has defeated the Talebans during the winter calm period and majority of the British and Americans believe their lies.

The US government and the American public do not understand the nature of Afghans where fighting is part of their tribal lives. They build weapons which mostly are the replicas of Russian American weapons get married have children and this is all done with their continuous engagement in wars. War simply is something which do not interrupt their way of life so they have the capability desire will to fight the wars for decades or as long as they live. The Taleban leadership is financing this war by selling heroine and also to provide money for their fighters for their survivor.

The Afghanistan is very much alive and US and Britains are not not winning this war like Iraq.


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