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UNIFIL suggests force against Israel. Update.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

This is interesting report where General Alain Pellegrini, commander of the UNIFIL is suggesting to change the UN Resolution 1701 to use force to stop Irael violations of Lebanon air space. General Pellegrini also denied Israel charges that weapons smugling from Syria to Hezbollah.

UNIFIL suggests force against Israel.

The Bush regime has already rejected any change in UN 1701 resolution to use force against Israel.

Israel said it would continue air force flights over Lebanon despite a rebuke from France.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday the surveillance flights over Lebanon were needed to track arms shipments to Hezbollah combatants from neighboring Syria.

“As long as attempts to smuggle arms into Lebanon persist, the legitimacy of Israeli overflights increases,” he told the Cabinet.

Israeli debate about the overflight policy was stirred up by French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, who said last Friday that violations of Lebanese airspace threatened to undermine the Aug. 14 truce that ended Israel’s war with Hezbollah.

She also hinted that French and other troops making up the bolstered U.N. peacekeeper force in southern Lebanon could perceive the Israeli overflights as a threat and fire on the planes in self-defense.

Peretz called Alliot-Marie’s remarks “inappropriate.”

He said international peacekeepers stationed in Lebanon “should act against Hezbollah and not against Israel.”

Israel can get away with anything because they have US unconditional support on their side. Peretz know that UN is helpless to take any action or helpless to implement any of its resolution because it will be strongly opposed by US.


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