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NATO call for Afghanistan reinforcements.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

This call is coming from Peter McKay Foreign Minister Affairs of Conservative minority week Canadian government.

“We are calling in a … forceful way for other countries to come and participate in what is a very difficult part of this mission,” MacKay said Thursday after an address to the Canadian International Council. “We sense that there are other countries willing to come and to participate.”

Canadian, British, American and Dutch troops make up the bulk of the NATO-led force in the dangerous Kandahar region, where Taliban fighters have re-established strongholds.

Canadian according to my knowledge has 2000 soldiers in Afghanistan and maybe this actually is the strongest troops contribution within NATA contribution.

The question is why the hell these Canadians soldiers are there in Afghanistan, most of these Canadians killed in friendly fire by US pilots and the many more are getting killed by Talebans. The Canadian troops were very reluctantly commit by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretian when Bush was threatening the whole world with “if you don’t support US than you are with terrorists” and he flatly refused any troops contribution for Iraq invasion which was a very wise decision.

The Liberals internal revolt against Jean Chretian make him resign from Office after ten years. Jean Chretian must have some sort of plan to pull Canadians out of Afghanistan which was not possible with another weak Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin took office with very strong Conservative oppositions who are with Bush with their hearts and minds for the love of Christianity. Prime Minster Paul Martin did not survive his full term when early elections were called and it was due to Liberals own mistakes corruption and arrogance bring these Conservatives into power.

The current Prime Minister Stephen Harper will support all Bush policies due to his religious beliefs. The intelligent strategy would be to bring back all the Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan.


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