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Iraq today.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

Iraq situation getting worst everyday that it is impossible to ignore the news like Bush and keep living like him in the state of denial. The today big story is that Al Mahdi army has the complete control of Amara the Southern Shias dominated city. Al Mahdi army consists of Muqtuda Al Sadr who are fighting with Iraq Security Forces with claims that they have the control of this city. The Iraqi Minister denied this claim but this claim but his whole statement confirm that not everything is right in Amara.”These reports are not true,” National Security Minister Shirwan al-Waeli told Reuters by phone from near Amara. He added: “What is happening there is serious.” Minister did not go into details why he believe that the situation in Amara is serious but it do confirm that Al Mahdi Army might be in control of this city.

The other interesting news is from Ramadi where Al Qaeda has put a banner which reads “It’s our pleasure to announce good news of the Iraqi Islamic State”.

The other news is military death toll hitting 2,787 on Friday, and with 73 deaths so far in October, it is shaping up to be the deadliest month for U.S. forces since the Falluja offensive two years ago.

Bush White House is still resisting for change its policy in Iraq. The White House is already rejecting proposals of phased withdrawal and dialogues with Iran and Syria. Bush criticise Democrats on midterm election campaign who are suggesting phased withdrawal by saying “That’s why they are the party of cut and run.”

Gen. John Abizad will be in Washington on weekend meeting with Rumsfeld and Bush. Tony Snow already made it clear that this is part of consultation process and giving assurance that Bush is not thinking about changing his policy on Iraq. There will be more news from Iraq just like any other day since 2003 filled with violence killings destruction.


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