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Russian General speak against Ballistic Missile Defence.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2006

This is the first tough response I have read in years coming out from Russian General on NATO and European nations acquiring Bush BMD. Russia has lost way too much influence with the neighboring countries under Putin rule that piratically they are cornered with US military bases all around their country. The Russian General response to US BMD program is blunt and tough exactly that’s what they need to do for their own existence. Putin is a weak President for Russia who has keep his mouth shut for US aggressive campaigns in favor of the candidates who want to build good relations with the west allowing their lands for military bases.

BMD Focus: Rumblings from Russia.

The other news which was encouraging is that Putin can’t run for office in next election because of the constitutional binding which restricts candidates from running for the third time. We hope that Russians will elect their next President who is tough on Russia own security and have the courage to stand up against the US aggressive domination of the world.


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