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Our “Enemy” Islam.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2006

This is the most honest article written be non Muslim. He is unbiased and honesty is evident because of the truth.

Our “Enemy” Islam.

This further confirm my belief that peace can be restored with starting a mass movement where people can study their own religious scriptures. This will give them the true understanding of Islam Christianity and Judaism. The education will make people to reject the religious scholars of all three religions who teach hatred in the name of religion. Bush regime could have not get away so easily by painting the Muslims as “evil” if people have the knowledge about Islam. The people would have not believed in all the propaganda broadcast from Western News Networks against Islam. Bush “war on terror’ would have be fight intelligently without making it a war against Islam and Muslims. The majority of the people would say that they don’t have that much time to study all the religious scriptures can easily make it verify simple fact by quickly searching for answers.

The latest dirty bomb threat is another Bush regime fear tactics to win midterm elections as they are desperate to find something which can energize their Church going folks to keep their majority in both houses of Congress.


5 Responses to “Our “Enemy” Islam.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Sadly enough you know nothing of the relgion islam or the fact that most of its stories actually originate from christianity and judism. I am guessing you don’t practice one of these relgions and thus you have no respect for such an expanding relgion. Lastly did you know that hinduism is slowing declining in the U.S because people who aren’t of the books(bible, torah, quran) are realizing that the quran centers around very realistic goals in life.

  2. quranbible said

    Dear Friend Anonymous

    The problem is I do know too much about Islam, Christianity and Islam. I know what is the message of Qur’an as well as what was the message of Old Testament. Still not get enough time to compelte the whole Bible.

    I am not against any religion whether Hinduism, Budhaism, Islam, Christianity or Judaism. I am against all the hatred teached preached and spread for the love of one’s religion. I don’t care what are your religious beliefs. The religion is one own very personal choice of free will given by God Himself. I think you did not read the complete article written by Jeremy and posted you comments just looking at the headline.

  3. Nigeena said

    I believe that our world is coming to an end. Why don’t people get that it’s nothing to do with islam, Christianity, Judaism,Hinduism or Budhaism. All human beings are just pupets. The reason i’m saying this is, have you ever wonderd why we are going through so much? Why thousands of innocent people die every day? As far as I believe there is nothing mentioned in any relgions that killing innocent people is a right. It is an act of injusticeness. Its about bush and osama. It’s the power that people of all nations are talking about. Power is just a philosophy of untrue life story. Power is Power until your alive,once your dead, there isn’t any power that will remain.

  4. Very intelligent comments except that we humans will end the world in the name of religion. This is true that no religion allow killing of innocent people but we do it for the political purposes justifying these killings with twisted interpretation of scriptures. Thank you Nigeena. Hope you will keep commenting.

  5. islam christianity

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Tila Nguyen.

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