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Iraq – Bush and Allies Imaginary Vision.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2006

Iraq situation presently is worst since Bush regime invaded and occupied the country. Iraqi Resistance is getting stronger bolder well trained well disciplined organized and they are ahead on media campaign over US. The statements coming out of “Leader of the Free World” Bush the moron still believe they are winning the war in Iraq and there are two more stooges who are parroting the same message Blair and John Howard. Tony Blair who has lost his all senses start giving contradicting statements on different occasions or maybe he changes his opinion after getting threat of getting spanked from White House.

Tony Blair has admitted for the first time that British troops in Iraq could provoke further unrest. Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Wednesday there would be no shift in his strategy of keeping British troops in Iraq until local forces were capable of ensuring security, despite mounting criticism of that policy. Blair admitted that UK troops are provoking further violence which means that they lost the war and the mission to build democracy in Iraq with guns and tanks. The next statement is again same Bush policy of stay the course which is not working and it will never work because Iraqis want all the occupation military out of their country.

The other idiot is John Howard who believes that US and its Allies will implement democracy in Iraq. AUSTRALIA is not lowering its ambitions for democracy and stability in Iraq as the insurgency in the country gets worse, Prime Minister John Howard says. John Howard must be sleeping and dreaming of victory in Iraq when he said this because even it is too obvious that they will never be able to achieve their goal of democracy and permanent bases in that country.

The news from Iraq is to horrible and everybody know the real situation. Anybody who wants to know the real situation on the ground in Iraq must listen very carefully Michael Ware reports. Michael Ware is the only honest journalist on CNN who is reporting the news without biased.


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