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Broken Government.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2006

Jack Cafferty will host this show on CNN 7 PM ET to find out how to fix the some of the problems US is facing today within the government. I first noticed Jack Cafferty when he start appearing with Wolf Blitzer on Situation Room asking questions to the audience. I found Jack Cafferty a one dimenional approach person who only understand the American point of view without even trying to understand the broader world view. Jack Cafftery comments about Islam Arabs Middle East are based on his complete ignorance of the Religion and Region. Jack Cafferty is very much same kind of racist like Lou Dobbs who believe US is for White people wanted to close intonation business and economic relations with the rest of the world.

Jack Cafferty if really looking to fix the US Broken Government than he has to look into following important issues.

  • Education – This is the most important factor which will help Americans to elect qualified candidates. The present situation is that majority of Southern State Christians vote blindly keeping faith as their main objective.
  • Religion – The rise of Christian radicals in US politics is another big factor which will result in Broken Government. These Church going folks vote for corrupt hypocrites instead of electing someone with no religion. This rise of Christianity started in 2000 with Georoge W. Bush and it has developed very strong roots where they come out in droves to vote for their man of God. This religious madness will lead the world to complete destruction if they elect someone as radical as Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell or Pastor Hagee. The world already is a dangerous place with George W. Bush in White House just imagine what would world look like if some crazy radical Christian get control of White House with all the WMD in his disposal.
  • Election Transparency – US 2000 election results were the first one when people realize that the election process is not so fair and honest and transparent. The US 2004 elections again raised questions about the transparency of elections with Diebold voting machines which do not provide any paper trail for verification. These electronic machines which can easily be hacked and the results could be changed with very simple few lines software code. Why not go back to paper ballots until all the issues are resolved with these electronic machines?
  • Money – Politics get corrupted with the money. There is no chance of a honest poor or middle class person can afford to run for office.
  • Two Party System – The Americans only have the choice to choose from among two parties Democrats and Republicans and these two parties are not letting any third party to come and challenge their status by denying them the proper air time and by denying them the right to have a debate with these two parties candidates.

These simple steps will fix the US Broken Government problem.


One Response to “Broken Government.”

  1. Jack ,

    There is a legend that the four-horsemen of the apocalypse were led by a fifth-horseman . He rode ahead to warn of the coming
    destruction and the one who rode upon him was called “REALITY”…
    I think it was a brown horse called DEEP____!
    Here’s a ‘bit’ of advice for the voters ..you either ‘reign’ in those who will be respectful and responsible for those they represent or “REALITY” turns to steer with his ‘reins’…
    Don’t let a ‘gallup’ scare you “U” make the differce in the ‘gallop’…not the “O..____ !” No horsing around on election day …vote…help beat back “REALITY” !

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