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Iraq – Talabani wants Iran and Syria cooperation.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

Iraq’s US planted President Talabani wants US to start negotiations with Iran and Syria to stablise his country mess created by Bush. Talabani is always very much worried about Baker plan which is suggesting US phased pull out from Iraq. Talabani knows that these puppets can only hold on to four square miles green zone as long these occupation troops keep protecting these greedy politicians. Iraq government has no support of common Iraqis mostly because most of them are exiles and criminals like Chalabi is hanging to power.

The direct talks with Iran and Syria will be too much humiliating for Bush regime due to their arrogant attitute calling these countries leaderships the main sponsor of terrorism since they took office. I don’t know what they want Iran and Syria to do to stablise Iraq but whatever they have in mind will fail because the situation is out of control and Iraqi Resistance will not settle for anything less than complete withdrawal of occupation military.

Talabani back Syria Iran plan.


3 Responses to “Iraq – Talabani wants Iran and Syria cooperation.”

  1. Adam said

    A completely unexpected announcement. I don’t think anybody saw this coming. What exactly are Syria and Iran expected to do to magically stabalize Iraq in 3 months?

    While Syria is mainly Sunni Muslims whom the majority Iraqi Shia have been at war with and I’m sure there are still many more veterans of the Iran-Iraq war still in Iraq. Neither country will achieve any goals in the country in the long run and will only serve to set an environment for battle between Iranian-Syrian troops and Coalition troops, quite a bad scenario. Let’s hope this does not happen.

  2. Adam said

    That, or Bush is planning on using this as an excuse to claim that Syria/Iran are directly involved in strikes on US targets in Iraq and use this as a pretext for invasion.

  3. quranbible said

    Adam Bush regime is in no position to invade Iran or Syria. They have 150,000 soldiers who are sitting ducks to Iranian missiles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush regime attack on Iran will be suicide attempt. Deaths and destructions on both sides.

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