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Hugo Chavez under Western media attacks.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

The US and European press is criticizing Hugo Chavez with their propaganda by criticising the good work he is doing since he took office for the poor people of Venezuela as well as providing financial help to the neighboring countries and all around the world. The business news published in Globe and Mail today had a very stupid analysis related to OPEC meeting which will be held in Qatar to look into the declining oil prices. The Globe and mail news is suggesting that OPEC will reject Hugo Chavez proposal of cutting the oil production to boast the prices which will hurt him in comming December election. The US business news also falsely reported that Venezuela is running the budget deficit which is a lie as they have budget surplus.

He has used the country’s petrodollars to fund social programs that have garnered him tremendous support among the poor in Venezuela, where he faces an increasingly competitive election in seven weeks. He also financed international aid commitments that bolstered his image abroad, including his as-yet unsuccessful attempt this week to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

The Globe and Mail business news said that Hugo Chavez social program done for the poor are something very bad. The Globe and Mail correspondent SHAWN MCCARTHY is misreporting that Hugo Chavez is up for a competitive election. The truth is Hugo Chavez is way ahead of his opponent with over 51% to 22% which really does not make this election very compititive. Hugo Chavez good deeds are also projected as evil because providing financial help to Cuba and other Latin American countries does not look bad in any way no matter what intentions he had in his heart.

This is what Guardian has written in one of their article about Hugo Chavez. Since his election as president in 1998, Mr Chávez has won support from the poor by using oil revenues to fund Barrio Adentro, a programme of free clinics, Misión Robinson, a literacy programme, and subsidised state-run shops known as mercals. Mr Chavez, who is running against Manuel Rosales, governor of the state of Zulia, is expected to win on December 3, and is reaching out to those unhappy with his ties to Cuba and anti-US rhetoric.

Hugo Chavez good diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba Bolivia Argentina and Brazil is something Bush regime must learn instead of criticizing. The US and Western press and media try to potray Hugo Chavez who is trying to take over Latin America with his socialists revolution is again false propaganda. Hugo Chavez do support the socialists in other countries elections just like US support the religious Christian candidates who are the protector of their interests in their countries. Hugo Chavez supporting socialists in Latin America is for the betterment of poor people to provide them facilities education and better life. Bush regime support for Christian conservatives is for the protection of their big corporations and keep explioting Latin Americas natural resources.

The socialists revolution is on the rise in Latin America and if Latin Americans do not fall into US and Western media propaganda they can have the better life. CIA killed Che Guevara in Bolivia to eliminiate the evil communism threat and now after 40 years Boliva had the socialists President Evo Morales. US failed and Che Guevara win.


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  1. quranbible said

    I am just curious that you guys translate some of my posts into Spanish. Are you translating this for Spanish speaking people? This one and the others which I have seen were machine translations which sometimes lost the meaning of the post real message.


  2. quranbible said

    Following is the machine translation in Spanish.

    Soy apenas curioso que usted los individuos traduce algunos de mis postes a español. ¿Usted está traduciendo esto para la gente de habla hispana? Éste y los otros que he visto era las traducciones automáticas que perdieron a veces el significado del mensaje verdadero del poste. Grazias

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