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Ehud Olmert visit to Russia.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visit main agenda is to make sure Russia will stop supporting Iran peaceful nuclear program. The opening statement by Ehud Olmert were related to Iran’s nuclear program which Putin completly ignored to address.

Russia has a central and very important role in the world, especially with regard to the nuclear standoff which is worrying us all,” Olmert said in his opening remarks to the Russian president.

Putin did not address Iran’s nuclear program in his comments to Olmert during their meeting.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, however, said on Wednesday that international action over Tehran’s nuclear program must be in proportion to the real situation in Iran, which he added does not appear to include a threat to peace and security.

“It is necessary to act on Iran but that action should be in direct proportion to what is really happening,” the RIA news agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

“And what is really happening is what the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] reports to us. And the IAEA is not reporting to us about the presence there of a threat to peace and security,” said Lavrov.

Ehud Olmert also met with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov where he provided the proof that Russian missiles were used by Hezbollah during Israel Lebanon war. The Russian diplomatic repose to that would be that they must have acquired these weapons from some other sources with the truth that Russia might be supplying these missiles to Hezbollah directly. The Russians with Chinese are not very happy with US military bases in the region close to their countries and they will support all the anti US groups to make sure that these military bases does not become permanent. The outcome of Ehud Olmert will be another shallow diplomacy with Russia with no ground breaking solid assurances coming out of this visit.

Russian message regarding Iran’s nuclear program is very clear that it is not threat to the region and the world and they will try to resist any tough sanctions in UN Security Council.


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