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Britain’s battle in southern Afghanistan tougher than expected.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

This is the assessment of British military commander said talking to journalists. Brig. Ed Butler, commander of the 3 Para Battle Group, which recently returned to Britain after a six month deployment, said that on occasions his men had been down to “belt rations.”

Speaking to journalists in London on Tuesday, Butler said that some troops may have underestimated the “ferocity and tenacity” of the Taliban resistance. But he said that they had never been in danger of being overrun by Taliban forces.

Butler said the delay in deploying NATO troops in southern Afghanistan after the overthrow of the Taliban in 2002, while Britain and the United States carried out the invasion of Iraq, had affected operations in Afghanistan.

Butler, who led the 3 Para Battle Group during its deployment in Helmand province, Afghanistan, said he believed that they had “tactically defeated” the Taliban.

Butler a British military commander has more knowledge about military and Afghanistan as he just returned from there after six months deployment but his opinion is biased and untrue. The truth is that US and NATO occupation military is facing a tactical defeat in Afghanistan. Butler also said that Talebans will regroup during the winter and will come back in summer with more fierce attacks is that what I have written in my analysis of Afghanistan war.

But he warned the enemy could still regroup over the winter and it was now essential to press ahead with reconstruction projects to convince the local population that the NATO operation is worth supporting.

“If we take our eye off the ball and we don’t continue to invest in it, there is a danger they (the Taliban) will come back in greater numbers next year,” he said.

The problem is US and NATO occupation do no have the support of majority of Afghans who do still support Talebans and will keep supporting Talebans because they still believe that their lives were better under their rules and the other factors for support are religious and culture. The US and NATA is loosing more support of Afghans because of their constant attacks and killing of civilians. Read the following news.

22 civilians die in southern Afghanistan offensives, officials, residents say.

The civilians killing create more hatred for the occupation military and draws more support and recruits for Talebans. The other blow to US and NATO occupation military come from Norway which said they will not send more troops to Southern Afghanistan where they are facing a growing resistance. The situation does not look very favorable for US and NATO occupation military in Afghanistan like Iraq. The resistance will be alive and keep growing with time as long as these foreign military insist to keep Afghanistan under occupation.


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