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Venezuela vs Guatemala UN Security Council Seat.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

This must be real shame for Bush regime that Guatemala still don’t have the two-thirds majority with so aggressive campaign of threats pressure and using influence. This is a clear victory for Hugo Chavez who is emerged as more popular world leader. The poor countries were threatened to cut off their aid if they did not vote for US backed Guatemala. I really don’t blame these poor countries where their whole economy depends of US aid. Bush regime has used all their bullying tactics but still Guatemala got 110 votes which is 15 votes short of two third majority.

Hugo Chavez will gain more popularity and liking even after loosing UN Security Council Seat to Guatemala because he had the courage to stand up against Bush regime arrogance and dictatorship.


2 Responses to “Venezuela vs Guatemala UN Security Council Seat.”

  1. ah said

    “clear victory for hugo” ? Really? Seems to me that U.S. is less concerned about Chavez’s popularity or about getting Guatemala the seat than they are about making sure Venezuela does not get it. If Guatemala doesn’t make it in then no big deal, the seat goes to a consensus member, like Chile perhaps. At the end of the day Venezuela is still not there.

  2. quranbible said

    Bush regime does not want Venezuela to win this seat and they applied all the their bullying techniques to defeat Venezuela. Hugo Chavez win because US put all their resources for this non permanent seat for the satisfaction of their egos.

    Hugo Chavez stand will stand tall and pround even after losing UN Security Seat.

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