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Military Criticism not allowed.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

The Pakistan government has ban all the criticism on military by using its constitutional law.

“We won’t allow anyone to criticise Pakistan, the integrity of Pakistan and the institution of the armed forces as it is enshrined in the constitution,” information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani said in Karachi last night.

This concept is actually supported by all the countries including USA Europe and all the Western democracies that military is above any criticism because it is unpatriotic to question their actions. The large number of Americans who do oppose the Iraq invasion always add that they support the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The politicians are scared to criticise the military brutal murdering of civilians as they don’t wanted to be labeled as unpatriotic. They try to coverup their military atrocities with all sort of nonsense and try to make it look like brave heroic efforts.

I remember reading the news that Pakistan military killed innocent children women in fighting the socalled Bush “war on terror” in Waziristan and there was no criticism of these murders committed by Pakistan military. The Pakistan military paid the high price for this offense when Waziristan tribes killed hundreds of Pakistani soldiers in one day.

The atrocities must be condemned if done by their own military and it is not unpatriotic to criticise one’s own military.


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