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John Howard stay the course Prime Minister.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

Australian Prime Minister John Howard is other head of state like Bush and Blair who are in favor of stay the course policy in Iraq. John Howard believe that US withdrawal will increase terrorism in Australia a baseless illogical case for their so called war on terror. The Iraqi Resistance as I am saying from the fall of Baghdad has the capability manpower and resources to keep their struggle alive for decades with a fraction of what US and its allies are spending to keep Iraq under occupation.

This Iraq invasion and occupation has cost US 334 billion dollars so far with end in sight, this money is spend on daily logistics not any of this money going into reconstruction of Iraq. Howard also said that if some 2000 Australian troops pulled out of Iraq it will be seen as weakness of the West and would be humiliating. Howard must be a idiot just like Bush who don’t see that the US UK military will pull out from Iraq its just a matter of time and he is right that Al Qaeda will claim this withdrawal as their biggest victory.

Bush regime acted like Osama Bin Laden puppets by invading Afghanistan and then they provided the greatest joy when they attacked and occupied Iraq. Osama Bin Laden always wanted to have direct war with US and according to my analysis they attacked US Embassies and USS Cole to bring them to Afghanistan. Bush stupidity make their wish come true with Afghanistan and Iraq invasion without analyzing the broader consequences. They are paying the price and the outcome will be not what they wanted.

The problem is that Bush who is also called the leader of the free world is an complete idiot a moron and they get elected and reelection because majority of the voters have no intelligence knowledge and wisdom to understand their fear tactics. They used the same fear tactics against Communism with same rhetoric that it is a threat to democracy and freedom, Communists hate democracy and freedom, Communists hate their way of life. That worked like this latest Islam scare tactics are working.


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