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British troops withdrawal from Southern Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

British troops of ISAF have pulled out of the insurgent Musa Qala district in the southern Helmand province, an ISAF spokesman told Xinhua on Tuesday. “After dialogue and discussion with local elders, we think they deserve an opportunity to resume their areas and keep security themselves,” said Maj. Luke Knittig, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

The elders were confident they could bring peace to the district and defend it from the Taliban, so ISAF listened to them, said Knittig, adding the troops would be deployed to places where soldiers are more needed.

He declined to say how many troops were withdrawn from the district citing security reasons.

However, local media reports said about 120 British soldiers were pulled out of Musa Qala, where the troops had come under heavy attacks from Taliban militants.

Meanwhile, Helmand Governor Mohammad Daud said there was no deal between the troops, the government and the Taliban, according to media reports.

He also refused a reported statement by the Taliban that said the Afghan flag would not fly in the district any longer. “The Afghan flag is there, our new district chief, our new police chief and the police are there,” Daud said.

Analysts say one factor for the withdrawal apparently is the high casualties of the British troops in the district.

Nearly 30 British soldiers have been killed in Helmand, where about 4,000 UK troops are deployed, and the neighboring Kandahar province in the past two months, while about 10 of them lost their lives in Musa Qala.

This is the complete news which provide the evidence that Afghanistan is becoming more and more difficult to keep under US and NATO occupation. The spokesperson try to make it look like they are pulling out in respect of locals but after reading the whole news they retreated because Talebans are getting stronger in Southern Afghanistan. The British troops used respecting elders of that region is lame reason which makes no sense.


2 Responses to “British troops withdrawal from Southern Afghanistan.”

  1. unitedcats said

    Well, people are on to “retrograde manueuver” and “advance to the rear.” Afghanistanisation? The truth of the matter is that conquest is a lot more complicated than just marching your army into a country and announcing “mission accomplished.” And when you’re trying to pretend (or even decieving yourself) that you aren’t a conquerer, the situation rapidly transends the surreal. As I have said from day one, it’s not a matter of when our crusading armies will leave Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s merely a question of how soon and how ignominiously.


  2. quranbible said

    Doug so we both share the same opinion. Completely agree.

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