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UK”s Afghanistan mission “could take another 20 years,” says MP.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

They all must be reading my blog and start saying what I am trying to make them to understand from last 5 years.

British troops could be in Afghanistan for another 20 years, according to a main opposition Conservative MP and Territorial Army soldier who has just returned from a tour of duty there.

Mark Lancaster said in an interview with the UK Parliamentary House Magazine Monday, that there needed to be “political honesty” about the commitment. Lancaster, who spent eight weeks during the summer on British Army service in Afghanistan, said his tour of duty had left him better informed of the difficulties facing the NATO mission there. “I do know that progress is being made, but it is painfully slow,” he said.

“I also know that if we are to create a stable society, eradicate the poppy fields and provide a genuine alternative livelihood for farmers, that is going to take a very long time, perhaps 15 to 20 years, even longer if we add the objective of ‘combating terrorism’ to the pot.” He said. “If I am right, then the time has come for a degree of political honesty in assessing our commitment to the Afghanistan problem,” the MP added.

“If we are to remain, then our commitment will not be just for ‘a couple of years’ but more like ‘a couple of decades’ if there is to be any hope of there being lasting change….This is the debate Parliament needs to have,” Lancaster concluded.

There are around 4,500 British troops in Afghanistan, the majority in the troubled region of Helmand. (end) he.

You can find my previous posts on Afghanistan where I said that this war will continue for decades if US and its allies insists to keep their occupation of Afghans. Tony Blair will be one within six months leaving Britain in very bad situation in Afghanistan and Iraq also make the country lost its image all around the world except ofcourse in USA.


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