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Iraqi Resistance negotiation offer to US. Update.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Iraqi Resistance is offering US occupation military for negotiations assuring them that they are no threat to the security of America all their Resistance is for liberating their country. This is reported by Michael Ware from Baghdad. The Iraqi Resistance asked the journalists to submit their questions to them in writing which were replied in video message from spokesman of Resistance.

The Resistance had answered the questions that their resistance is for the liberation of their country from US occupation and they believe that US invasion and occupation has increased the Iranian influence in Iraq.

I don’t have the script or the details of the complete video message right now but will post it asap CNN telecast the video message.

The Islamic Army of Iraq is part of the — one of the largest and most powerful factions within the Sunni insurgency. These are the people who are responsible for the bulk of the day to day attacks against U.S. forces, from roadside bombs to deadly sniper attacks to all manner of ambush and roadside bombings.

These people offered us an opportunity to forward questions to their leadership, which we did in writing.

They responded to those questions in videotaped answers, putting forward their official spokesman, Ibrahim al-Shimmari, to answer and respond to CNN.

And what he outlines is fascinating. He renews the insurgency’s long-running offer to negotiate with U.S. forces. We’ve seen covert negotiations underway since the beginning of last year. We’ve seen U.S. officials go public with them at the end of last year.

It’s interesting that now they’re renewing that offer so publicly, so directly .

This group represents a large bloc of homegrown Iraqi insurgents. The Iraqis insurgency falls into two big camps, Wolf. One are the nationalists and former Baathists. The other are Iraqi Islamists, more moderate than al Qaeda and more politically motivated and focused solely on Iraq, as this spokesman from the Islamic Army makes very clearly. He goes out of his way to assure the people of Iraq that we are no threat to U.S. homeland security. We just want to free our country.

So that’s markedly different from the people who blew up the Golden Dome in February, which essentially was al Qaeda.
Michael Ware live report from Baghdad.


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