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Ecuador Elections Analysis.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

The US backed billionaire Alvaro Noboa very effectively used Bible Jesus Christianity with his money to get the lead over Rafael Correa in first round of Ecuador Presidential elections. Noboa believed that God wants him to be the President and thats what Bush said after winning controversial 2000 elections.

Billionaire Noboa, an openly pro-US candidate, campaigned as a Bible-thumping populist and a rabid anti-communist.

During campaign rallies, Noboa sounded more like a revivalist preacher than a presidential candidate, asking voters to pray to Christ Jesus for the handicapped and handing out checks and wheelchairs.

At one rally Noboa said “God has told me to be president.”

Noboa, who has blasted Correa as a “communist devil,” has promised 300,000 new homes to the poor and vowed “to turn six million unemployed Ecuadorans into middle-class citizens.”

Noboa is making false promises to win election and secure Ecuador resources for US corporations to keep exploiting. The billionaire is running to protect his own wealth and protect the interests of his rich community. The poor Ecuadoreans bowed down to Noboa money which was a reality ignoring Correa message for the future. Noboa bought the vote with his money which he will recover ten times after taking control of the country as President.

Correa unfortunately now had no chance of winning in second round on Nov. 26 only a miracle can win him the Presidential election.


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