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Ecuador Election exit polls. Update.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Ecuador’s polling stations closed at 5.00 p.m. Sunday, with exit polls giving banana magnate Noboa of the Renewed National Institutional Action Party (Prian) first place. Television broadcasts said exit polls had given left-wing economics professor Correa, of the Moviento Patria Altiva “i” Soberana (PAiS), second. Neither had the votes needed to win the presidency in the first round.

Ecuadorians on Sunday turned out in droves to vote for their eighth president in 10 years, and the 41st since the nation became a republic in 1830.

In a poll conducted by Informe, Noboa had 28.5 percent, while Correa had 26.5 percent. Pollsters Cedatos-Gallup gave Noboa 27.2 and Correa 25.5. A third poll gave Noboa 28.2 and Correa 27.1.

The surprise of the election was the 15 percent vote for Gilmar Gutierrez, the brother of deposed former president Lucio Guiterrez, standing for the Patriotic Society Party. Although not featured as a leading candidate in early opinion polls, he came in third.

Leon Roldos, of the Democratic Left Alliance Network, who most pollsters thought would come third, achieved fourth place with 13.6 percent of the vote.

The exit polls gave Christian Socialist Party candidate Cynthia Viteri fifth place with 10.8 percent. Other candidates won less than three percent each.

Ecuador’s election authorities will publish official results, once 90 percent of votes are counted, at around 7.30 p.m. local time.


After half of the votes counted Noboa is slightly ahead of Correa and they will face each other on November 26 for the second round because none of the cadidate had secured 40% of the vote with clear 10% lead over his opponent. This will be uphill battle for Correa to win because rest of the politicians will throw their support behind this billionaire.

—This is the latest update I have right now on Ecuador election.

Prez Elections with Normality

I believe there is lots of interest in Ecuador elections because there is quite traffic drive to this post.

The partial result of Ecuador election with 41 percent vote counted shows Correa with 56 to 44 percent against Noboa. This is good news for the poor people of Ecuador who has rejected the US puppet Noboa despite that he showered the voters with cash and gifts to win this election.

Exit polls by Cedatos-Gallup Internacional had given Correa around 57 per cent of the vote, with banana tycoon Noboa at 43 per cent. The margin of error was 2 per cent.

Another exit poll carried out by the consulting firm Barreto y Asociados showed similar results.

Official results will be known within 48 hours, according to electoral authorities in Ecuador.

I really made the wrong conclusion after the first round of Ecuador election that it will be impossible for Correa to win the Presidency and that was based on simple common sense that all the right wing parties will develop close alliance to defeat Correa to keep the power within the corrupt politicians. I really miscalculated the intelligence of Ecudorians who had voted so intelligently which is rarely seen in US elections. Ecuadorians are people who are far sighted who did not fall for short immediate gains of cash and gifts from Noboa and with this they have earned my highest respect and praises. Correa victory is not yet official but hopefully it will be on Tuesday which will the new start for Ecuador.


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