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Chavez on top. Update.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

In opposing Venezuela’s bid for a security council seat, the US made a serious strategic blunder.

Today’s vote at the United Nations on Venezuela is purely symbolic. It is of interest only because the Bush administration has been working so hard to try to stop Venezuela.

At stake is a place on the UN’s 15-member security council. The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, who has been travelling the world to secure support for his nation’s bid for a seat, claims to have enough support on the 192-member general assembly to win. He says he has been promised backing from other Latin American countries, the Caribbean, most of Africa, and much of the Arab world. Asia is divided.

US ambassadors have been working hard, cajoling and putting pressure on these countries not to back Venezuela. Where gentle pressure has failed, Washington has opted for threats, warning that military co-operation and economic aid could be in jeopardy.

It is a huge mistake for Washington to behave as it does. Sure, Chavez is an irritant to Washington, his left-wing rhetoric a repeated challenge. But the Washington’s antagonism has turned him into a bigger figure than he would ever have been otherwise, champion of the many countries resentful of US dominance.

The best approach of the US would have been to ignore Venezuela’s bid for a security council place, because it just does not matter. The only countries that matter on the security council are the permanent five, each of which has a veto: the US, China, Russia, France and Britain. The others, elected on a rotation basis for a two-year term, just make up the numbers.

Over the last few years, countries not known for their closeness to the US – including Syria – have served barely unnoticed on the security council. The North Korea crisis last week underlined the irrelevance of the security council’s make-weight countries. All the negotiation at the UN’s New York headquarters about sanctions was between the five permanent members plus Japan. When the deal was agreed, the non-permanent members were invited to vote for it.

Membership of the security council is not going to give Venezuela a higher profile than it enjoys already, courtesy of Washington.

I posted this because this is very true unbiased analysis.

Source: Chavez on top.

This must be real shame for Bush regime that Guatemala still don’t have the two-thirds majority with so aggressive campaign of threats pressure and using influence. This is a clear victory for Hugo Chavez who is emerged as more popular world leader. The poor countries were threatened to cut off their aid if they did not vote for US backed Guatemala. I really don’t blame these poor countries where their whole economy depends of US aid. Bush regime has used all their bullying tactics but still Guatemala got 110 votes which is 15 votes short of two third majority.

Hugo Chavez will gain more popularity and liking even after loosing UN Security Council Seat to Guatemala because he had the courage to stand up against Bush regime arrogance and dictatorship.


2 Responses to “Chavez on top. Update.”

  1. Mic said

    Update: Hugo “the Boss” Chavez has lost the vote for the security council seat. The UN saves face. Hugo’s payments to win favor have been wasted. How many millions did he waste?

  2. quranbible said

    I guess you did not read the above post very carefully. Hugo Chavez always said that it will be very difficult to win a seat on security council because of devils efforts. The people of the world are intelligent enough to know US bullying the countries to vote for their supported country.

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