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Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Bolivia is in the news almost daily since socialist President Evo Morales take over power as the democratically elected head of the country. The Bush regime immediately started their propaganda campaign against this democratically elected President because of his socialists views and his intentions to nationalized natural gas and minerals mining industry. The nationalization directly hurt the US corporations which are exploiting the natural resources of Bolivia.

Hugo Chavez claims are can’t be wrong that US is trying to topple down President Evo Morales government by creating chaos in mining industry in an effort to bring one of their corrupt puppet to protect their capitalists interests. President Evo Morales nationalization if help to improve the living conditions of the poor people of Boliva than US has no right to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.

Bolivia has signed 16 billion dollars agreement with Argentina to supply natural gas. President Evo Morales is determined to nationalized all the country mineral mines in October and this confirms that Bush regime is trying to destabilize Bolivian government. There is also way too much fuss about Venezuela singing military defence treaty with Bolivia which is for the protection of the country and is not any way pointing to aggression. President Evo Morales stated very clearly that Bolivia military is ill equipped and is in no position to protect the country and this military defence treaty between Venezuela and Bolivia is for the protection not for invading neighboring countries.

The US must stop interfering in other countries internal affair and learn to respect the will of the majority of the people of country. Bush leave Bolivia alone.


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