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US torture of detainees. Afghanistan – Iraq – Guantanamo Bay.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

The detainees are still getting tortured by US military CIA in Afghanistan Iraq Guantanamo Bay and in all the secret prisons. The two military lawyers of two detainees are asked not to talk to media. Bush regime now has the approval of both houses of Congress to use torture on anyone who is detailed with the charges of “terrorism” even if they don’t have the evidence to prove their allegations in court. According to following report the prisoners are beaten daily basis and there might be more which these prisoners are not talking about due to shame.

2 ordered not to discuss Gitmo claims.

Bush regime is the most secretive government US ever had in their entire history which work like Mafia. It is really said that there are no politicians who had the courage to stand up against Bush regime unfair demands for more power in fighting their socalled “War on Terror”. Bush has learned very early in the game that using this “terror” threat will be their most effective weapon to keep control of Congress and Senate and White House.

Democrats are framed by Bush regime as “soft” on “terror” who are too scared to speak the truth and take a stand what is right. The recent polls shows Democrats are ahead of Republicans in midterm elections but I am not so sure that they are going to win back the majority of one or both houses of Congress because majority of the American voters are easily mislead by lies and propaganda and who vote blindly for their religious beliefs. The ignorance and religious fanatical vote has turned the world into a battle field between Christianity and Islam. Bush is a greater threat to world peace than Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il.

This post is written one year before the Bush regime torture tactics, get the new life with New York Times article published that US Justice Department authorized harsh techniques on detainees, infact torture them to get the information.

Congress Seeks Justice Dept. Documents on Interrogation

CNN aired interview of one British detainee, who told CNN reporter that he was physically tortured, left naked, and face other humiliating tactics and he decided to admit that he was Al Qaida operative which according to him is not true.

Bush Homeland Security adviser defended torture, according to her US got the valuable information from detainees. Bush, White House spokesperson is still repeating the old lies that US does not torture.


3 Responses to “US torture of detainees. Afghanistan – Iraq – Guantanamo Bay.”

  1. sykomother said

    Like what, they are making them listen to Madonna now?

  2. quranbible said

    I believe beating up prisners is clearly a torture.

  3. tonia said

    Torture you say that is funny. Tell it to dose that lost their lives on sept 11 they will have the right answer for you.

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