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US propaganda against Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

The US started their propaganda against Hugo Chavez before Monday UN Vote on one non permanent Security Council seat.

As Venezuela lobbies for a U.N. Security Council seat, President Hugo Chavez has bolstered its chances by spreading petrodollars across the Americas and beyond extending an airstrip on a Caribbean island, sending emergency food aid to Africa, fixing a rundown hospital in Uruguay. At Uruguay’s Hospital de Clinicas, a state-of-the-art transplant unit is being built with Venezuelan money. The emergency ward’s leaky roof and exposed cinderblocks have given way to freshly painted walls, windows in rust-corroded frames are being replaced, and new elevators are on order. Hospital director Graciela Ubach put a hand over her heart to show her gratitude to Chavez. “I thank him with my soul,” she said. “Honestly, it’s been a dream for the country.”

This is not bribe as US is trying to make it look like one for UN Security Council seat. These steps are taken to provide better facilties to the poor people of the world which is very nice charitable efforts by a good Christian Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez as a good Christian believe in sharing their wealth with the poor people of the world.

The other aid which is according to US is bribes.

The public hospital struggled for funding for years until Venezuela came through with $20 million � half in donations and the other half to be paid off in reciprocal training and other services.

Other Chavez pledges include: $260 million in financing to repave a Jamaican highway and $17 million in upgrades to airports on the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Dominica.

Chavez also came up with $5 million for an Uruguayan tire plant, glass business and leather factory as part of a $400 million flow of aid since March 2005, when Uruguay’s leftist President Tabare Vazquez took office, according to the Venezuelan Embassy in Uruguay.

Hugo Chavez given more aid to neighboring countries than US.

U.S. aid to Jamaica for 2005-2006 is listed as $42 million; the Chavez-financed highway job is six times costlier. The Venezuelan figure of $400 million for Uruguay compares with U.S. aid of $49,000 through the State Department plus an estimated $800,000 in military education and counter-drug assistance. No U.S. money was specifically set aside for Dominica.

Latin America, Africa, Asia needs leaders like Hugo Chavez. Following will be he reaction of majority of the people of the world.

“I thank him with my soul,” she said. “Honestly, it’s been a dream for the country.”


2 Responses to “US propaganda against Hugo Chavez.”

  1. Mahinda said

    Well done to Mr Charvez. It is breath taking and wonderful to finally see some one supporting the poor and standing up for what they believe in. But most importantly, standining up to America. America (and other western countries) have raped the undeveloped and developing countries for too long. The poor have been oppressed and kept quiet for long enough.

  2. Mahinda said

    It is wonderful to see a president actually ruling his country and not butt kissing America and the rest of the western world.

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